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Oct 16, 2007 11:43 AM

Vegan in Boston

I'm visiting Boston this weekend and am a strick Vegan. I am looking for any suggestions for places to eat. I'm staying on the south side! Thanks!

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  1. Shabu-Zen in Chinatown is a Japanese shabu-shabu hot pot place that offers a vegetarian option which should not be a problem for vegans. Just ask for the vegetarian broth if you go, because their default is not something you'll be able to eat. You can also try Buddha's Delight, also in Chinatown -- they're not bad and I'm pretty sure are also vegan.

    1. Grasshopper Restaurant in Allston/Brighton is Asian vegan. I remember going with some vegetarian friends some years ago and them enjoying it very much.

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        There's also a vegan pizzeria a couple of doors down - TJ Scallywaggles. I have no idea if they're any good, though.

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          YoMa Burmese Restaurant (on the same block) has a vegetarian section of their menu - I don't believe that the cuisine uses butter or cheese, so I think anything in that part of their menu should be vegan as well (though you would have to steer clear of the potato and egg curry.)

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          Grasshopper gets decidedly mixed reviews on this board, FYI. Count me among those who were very underwhelmed.

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            I'm with you on this. My daughter is a vegan so we explore lots of places when I visit and this is not one of our favorites. There are so many other options that are so much better.

        3. Though I'm not vegan, I've found that most higher end places jump at the opportunity and the challenge to craft a vegan tasting menu. When in doubt ask.

          1. Another "nicer restaurant" option is the Elephant Walk - they have a vegan section of their menu on their website. Elephant Walk is French-Cambodian and has a few locations.


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              My vegan daughter loves Elephant Walk. Only weak area for her was dessert.

            2. Veggie Planet in Harvard Square is a good option if you happen to be in Cambridge.