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Oct 16, 2007 11:20 AM


Hello...I'm new to this board. Once upon a time, in Pittsburgh PA, there was an Egg Roll from a Chinese restaurant called the Tea Garden (since closed). It had contents of only shrimp, with a small amount of chopped pork and onions...NOTHING ELSE!!! Memorably delicious. I have tried and tried, all over the world, to find something similar, BUT, no one has this product exactly with only these ingredients. Has anyone seen, tasted or heard of anything like this? Thanks in advance...

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  1. OMG..for over 30 years, I've been trying to duplicate this recipe. I also grew up in pgh and those egg rolls were simply the best. I've tried every combination, yes, I came close, but there is still something missing. I can't quite get the recipe quite right. I know the owners would've never given the recipe out. Even the eggroll wraps taste different than any other chinese place I've been to. If you ever find out anything, please let me know

    1. I think you would be happy w the rolls from Philipino restaurants which mantimes has shrimp and pork in it w crispy fried outer crust. Similiar to the Vietnames rolls.

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        the egg rolls from the tea garden that I am trying to dupe are chicken egg rolls. but thank you!