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Oct 16, 2007 11:01 AM

Best Burger in Scotts Valley?

Is there a really good burger to be found in Scotts Valley?

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  1. I'm probably going to get flamed for this :), but I used to always like getting the Turkey Burger Special with potato salad at Heavenly Cafe in Scotts Valley. Turkey burgers can often be dry, but this one's good. The potato salad is even good.

    1. I wonder how the burger at Malone's is? Anyone out there try it?

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        I had it a few years ago. Lunch with co-workers kind of thing. It was big and good, but not so spectacular that I even remembered it when writing my first reply to this email. Okay, again, I'm not being very helpful to you. ;)

      2. A bit late, but I had the Bruno burger at Bruno's BBQ the other day and I thought it was very tasty. A double burger with bacon and cheese. I normally avoid bacon on burgers because it's often indistinguishable from rubber, but this was crisp and freshly cooked. Meat was well-done (they didn't ask how I wanted it done) but still very juicy. The only negative might be that's it's a bit pricey, $7.50 a la carte. There's apparently a branch in the Sash Mill in Santa Cruz as well.

        Someday I'll get around to actually trying their ribs.

        1. Are you kidding? Malone's burgers are almost a pound of pure perfection. I tried the place when I saw that it was busy all the time and most people line up for the burgers. The Cobb is my favorite with bleu cheese crumbles, avocado, and bacon. They'll do it rare too which not a lot of places do anymore.

          1. I've not been there, but two coworkers tell me that this place has the best burger in all of Santa Cruz County: