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Oct 16, 2007 10:52 AM

small, nonstick tartlet pans in Philly?

I am looking for small, nonstick tartlet pans. I don't mean the 4-inch round ones with the removeable bottom. I have a set of 6 oval nonstick tart pans, they are about 4 inches long. I think I got the from Tuesday Morning for about $5 a few years ago. However, I need to make 50 tartlets and doing them 6 at a time is going to get really old! I'd like to get at least 6 more.

I've looked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the Fante's website, and I have not found anything. Can anyone give me any suggestions on where else I can look?

Other nonstick, smallish shapes will do as well, but the 4-inch round is a little to big for this occasion.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Have you tried the restaurant supply houses like (I think it's called) Trenton China and Pottery in Old City? Also, Fante's might have stuff that's not on their web site, I'd try calling to ask. Thank you.

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      i was just going to suggest the same. there are a ton of places up on 2nd around arch / race that have all sorts of concoctions whose purpose can sometimes keep me guessing!

    2. I bought some about 2 years ago at Fante's store in the Italian Market. They have many sizes and shapes available. Mine are fluted, rectangles, about 2-1/2" x 4", 1/2" tall, and were purchased for about $2 or $2.50 each. They sell them individually. At the time they also stocked rounds, hearts, squares, etc. Mine do not have the removable bottoms, but some did. I'd call first before going.

      Also, the new Foster's store at 4th and Market may carry some. They have combined their kitchen and housewares under one roof, and it's quite large. They stock lots of small pans and gadgets. I was there on Saturday, but unfortunately was distracted by colorful plastic and not the more "mundane" kitchen accessories :)