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Status & Feedback on old Quarter favorites

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Hi all... flying out tomorrow for what is probably my sixth or seventh more or less annual trip to New Orleans... my schedule is always tight, with events in our hotel in the Quarter, so I can't stray too far... but I've built up a few favorites, thanks to this board and others.

I wanted to fire off my short list, and see if anyone cares to share a recent opinion, update, feedback or alternative. Obviously things are changing quite a bit from month to month, and if one of my old standbys is slipping, I'd love to know beforehand, as my time is limited!

Verti Marte -- mmm Royal Feast mmm
Fiorella's -- is the fried chicken still as good after the ownership change?
Mona Lisa -- I remember being impressed with both the pizza and pasta
Mother's -- sure, there are better places, but the whole package is pretty compelling
Country Flame -- alarmingly high value i.e. cheap but quite good
Central Grocery -- no trip complete without bringing a couple muffulettas home
Johnny's Po-boys -- fried catfish and shrimp both excellent

As I look over this list, it's heavy on super casual dining and lunch places, but a bit spare as far as hearty Cajun or Creole dinner spots, missing a good inexpensive seafood dinner spot, and could probably stand to have a breakfast place or two added.

I've had Coop's Place, Deanie's Seafood, and Ernst Cafe recommended to me in the past as good dinner places, and I've had fairly decent breakfasts at Fiorella's, Clover Grill and a small place near Fiorella's up a side street away from the river with a "sunshine" type motif.

So, sound off! Which of these places are slipping? Which of them are still must visit? What oldtimers have I missed? What newcomers need to be added?

My stomach thanks you in advance!

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  1. I was at Verti Marte last weekend. Absolutely delicious! My boyfriend and I ordered the french fry poboy, half a muffaletta, and brussel sprouts. All were wonderful.

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      I love the BBQ shrimp at alpine. It is a MUST for me on every visit. I honestly have not ventured much further than that on their menu as once I had it I fell in love.

      thanks for your list, as I will be down there soon. some new must try's!

    2. based on recent reports from this board, fiorella's should probably be skipped. I highly recommend you check out Coop's if you haven't before.. Deanie's, not so much. If you like Country Flame you might like Jazz Tacos, a little hole in the wall place that, despite its name, serves mostly Honduran/Salvadoran fare.