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Oct 16, 2007 10:15 AM

Steak Frites -- DC

I've got a friend who's nostalic for the steak frites she used to eat as a student in Paris -- she keeps bringing it up, wistfully breathing "ah, bearnaise sauce." She's got a reason for a celebratory dinner or lunch coming up, so I thought I'd ask you all where you'd suggest I might take her to satisfy this craving. Note that we're (supposed to be) on tight budgets, and I'm not asking for the fanciest or most expensive, necessarily, or anything particularly formal -- though I'm willing to splurge a little. I believe Les Halles used to be the place to go for this kind of thing, but that its current reputation isn't so good -- is that right? I'll keep checking menus, myself, but meanwhile hoped to get some of that wonderful and informed CH opinion. Thanks!!

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  1. I had a perfectly good Steak Frites at Bistro D'Oc.

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      I 2nd this suggestion. The steak frites at Bistro D'Oc is well as more or less everything else on the menu. The steak is a hanger steak...very tender and cooked perfectly. And the fries are good as well...crisp and not oily at all.

      1. I like the steak frites at the bar at Corduroy. It is not served with bernaise sauce though. I used to like Bistrot du Coin, but have not been impressed on recent visits.

        1. Lavandou in cleveland park does a pretty decent job and monday night they offer free corkage, so you can byob. You can go to cleveland park wine store, get some wine then go to lavandou and get the hangar with fries for $19.

          1. On a tight budget why not Les Halles? As I remember the steak frites were very good (they should be it is their signature dish) and they have very reasonable prices for DC. I think they even have a price fix menu if you go early enough that isn't a bad deal either. I haven't had them at Bistro D'Oc, but I have had other things that were really good.

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              I agree with this assessment. I think their steak frites also comes some nice, lightly-dressed greens, too. Very good deal. You can also get the Bearnaise sauce on the side, I believe.

              My two favorite places for steak frites are not in DC: Le Mannequin Pis in Olney and Cafe De Paris in Columbia.

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                Hey! Quiet about Cafe de Paris! We can't have everybody going there. SHHHHH!