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Oct 16, 2007 10:11 AM

Andouille in the UK?

I'm an American expat in Lancashire who's dying to make Paul Prudhomme's gumbo recipe, but it just won't be right without the Andouille sausage. Anyone know a place that sells it over here? Either a chain or specialist shop near Manchester, or a place that would send it by post.

Many thanks!


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  1. call up the good folks at and see if they'll score some for you.

    1. I've heard that there is a similar, Italian sausage called Nduja. Whether it has the same qualities as the Canjun Andouille, I have no idea but maybe one of the Italian specialty shops (there's one in Soho) carries those. I'm not much of a sausage expert, but I'm guessing that chorizio is very different, or is it? I've used that for a lot of similar recipes. Maybe the new Whole Foods shop carries Andouille?

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        You can get nduja at one of the stalls in Borough Market, but it's quite different from andouille.

      2. Kate

        I think Sainsbury does a smoked garlic sausage that might work (if I'm right, it'll be near the chorizo).

        And as zuriga mentions an Italian sausage, is it worth trying the Roma Deli in Whitefield to see if they have it?


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        1. re: Brit on a Trip

          All good suggestions, thanks... will try to report back.


        2. There are some new sausages in Tesco called Louisiana Cajun. Pig on the front. I used them in Jamie Olivers recipe and they worked a treat!