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Oct 16, 2007 09:40 AM

Downtown construction is ruining my vibe

Two places that I used to like to go occasionally have been closed b/c of construction. Does anyone know if these little closet take-out places have found new locations in the financial district. The first is the persian Kebob guy that used to be next to the littliest bar. The other is the gyro place that used to be a stall within the Filene's store. Both are gone (the kebab guy for a while now) and I felt like either of those meals in the last few days. Boo Hoo.

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  1. Pita Kabob (used to be next to Littlest Bar) is now on Chauncy Street in the basement of the Hyatt. It's not officially open yet, but the sign is up and it looks like it will open any day now.

    1. the kebab guy has resurfaced on Chauncey St..across from #52..sort of near the Hyatt/Macy's stretch. He was under construction last week and hoped to be open this week...don't know if he's open yet...

      I haven't heard anything on the gyro guy; but I was also a fan.