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Take the Cannoli ... but from where?

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Got a big cannoli craving as of late, so wondering where's the best in LA area? (Didn't yield any useful results from board search for the past year.) Bakeries or restaurant recs are fine (for the latter, would be nice if it's a place where one can comfortably be seated for just dessert or get it as a take-out.) Thanks!


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  1. palmeri makes a fine cannoli.

    1. Cannoli filling, riccotta, powdered sugar, orange zest, vanilla & mini chocolate chips.
      Claros sells shells or cannoli already made.
      Eagle Rock Bakery also sells cannoli maybe even shells.
      Tutto Latte Express 1233 Vine Street LA, CA 323-463-1879 Cannoli Shells & Filling

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        Yes! to the Eagle Rock Bakery, that's where I get my cannoli fix

        Eagle Rock Italian Bakery
        1726 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

        1. re: cjla

          You can also get Eagle Rock Italian Bakery pastries at Monte Carlo Italian Market in Burbank

          3103 W. Magnolia Blvd
          Burbank, Ca 91505
          Phone: 818-845-3516

        2. re: Burger Boy

          I have always been able to have my Cannoli filled fresh after I order them at Eagle Rock Bakery. I would expect they would sell them without the filling also.

          Also, on Saturday mornings at around 11:00 am they have thoses great pizza bread.

        3. Bay Cities and Bravo Pizza on Main St Santa monica.

          1. Domingo's on Ventura in Encino

            Post Edit: Sorry, ment Nicolosi's Bakery right next door to Domingo's!

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            1. The new Ugo Cafe in Culver City had some interesting cannoli filled with cassata gelato. I understand they can fill the shells with any flavor gelato you like. I was too full to try it, but it sounded very good to me.

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                I saw those, assumed they were cream filled, and wondered why they were being stored with the gelato. Sounds good! Pistachio, maybe...

              2. Beverly Glen Market on Beverly Glen Circle just south of Mulholland.

                1. I second Nicolosi. AWESOME!!!

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                  1. Never had a better Cannoli in my life - ever.
                    Hands down best in L.A.
                    In the bakery section of the Gelson's market, Tarzana
                    In Gelsons but not part of Gelsons.
                    Gelson's Market
                    5500 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana, CA
                    (818) 906-5752

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                    1. re: Lipps

                      Viktor Benes' does a mean cannoli to be sure! It's sort of part of Gelson's but not. Can you find a Viktor Benes' outside of Gelson's anymore?

                      1. re: Diana

                        FYI, NOT ALL Gelson's Viktor Benes' make cannolis... :( Apparently Tarzana does, but is there anywhere else, city-side?

                        1. re: Emme

                          This is not a Victor Benes in Gelsons - I never said that. It is a separate bakery inside Gelson's Tarzana that makes the best cannolis ever. They are not part of Gelsons or part of Victor Benes - they simply have a bakery inside Gelsons - therefore you can't find them anywhere but there.

                          And these are not classic Italian cannolis. You won't find those here. These are the best version of American cannoli in my opinion. The shell and the filling are delicious. Nuff said.

                          1. re: Lipps

                            I hate to tell you this, but the bakery inside the Tarzana Gelson's is utterly run by Victor Bene's. Baked goods from both sides of that store are his, unless they are in the cooler reserved for (ick) sweet lady jane, or on the shelves, or in the La Brea endcap.

                            I do know that not all Benes' locations make the same items however.

                            1. re: Diana

                              Thanks for clarifying... Aren't all Gelson's bakery sections run by Viktor Benes'?

                              1. re: Emme

                                Several years ago, I heard a rumor that, at that time, the Gelson's Tarzana bakery was run by the former owner or people behind Bea's Bakery. At that time, the chocolate chip danish, my personal favorite, seemed to be almost indentical at both bakeries.

                                I recently noticed the Viktor Bene's identification at Gelson's Tarzana. Was it once owned by people formerly associated with Bea's and eventually sold to Bene's? To me, Bene's is just OK but the bakery in that location prior to Bene's being there was really something special.

                                1. re: rockhead

                                  Bene's has been in Tarzana for a while. I'm not sure if Bea's was in there beofer, but gelson's has an agreement that enes is in all LA stores as the "store" bakery. IN SB, it's Jeanine's.

                    2. I want to chime in with a rec for Vito's Pizza. A tad expensive, but worth it. Also call or ask for availability.

                      1. Palermo in hollywood on vermont has the best cannoli. Tony makes the shells himself, and then they fill them when you order them so they are really fresh.

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                          Wow, finally Palermo cooks SOMETHING good! ;)

                        2. I'm new to this board. But never have posted about a topic what which I have only a slight knowledge of have not been to the source of origin so that I have a solid basis on which to make my comparison.

                          Canoli’s originate in Sicily (like me). They are made from dried ricotta cheese which is made from sheep's milk and which has an entirely different flavor than ricotta's made cow's milk. The shells are made with lard - pig fat - this too adds an entirely different depth of flavor. Outside of Italy - a few bakeries in New York and my own home I have not seen a "cannoli" of this making.

                          The cannoli's for the most part that are sold in America (including New York and Chicago - and LA) use Cows milk and vegetable shortening (albeit of varying qualities) While I have had several cows milk cannolis here in the states that have been excellent - they are all together different in flavor and none exist here in LA.

                          I have been to the majority of the places listed on this post and can't believe half the sh*t I am reading about "cannoli's" and how "excellent" and great they are here in LA.

                          While what people sell here in LA are labeled as cannoli's and to the best of the knowledge displayed here they are "amazing" they are far from what a cannoli truly is and not even to the standards of what can be had in New York or Chicago.

                          This dessert is truly all about the cheese and how many cheese mongers in LA even make or have fresh ricotta cheese on a daily basis??

                          Since joining this board I've read a lot of postings about food I didn't know a lot about and some things I did. But I've read a lot more by people who wax poetic about food and experiences they have very little relation to and know even less about.

                          So tell me where can I find that "really good" cannoli in LA - Gelsons but not Gelsons...??? I think while in Los Angeles I’ll stick with the churros…

                          1. Folks, the mission of this board is to find great chow in the LA area. Please keep replies focused on where to find exemplary versions of local cannolis. If you are interested in mail order sources for cannoli, we suggest you also post to the General Chowhounding Topics board, where mail-order chow is discussed.

                            1. tramezzino makes a decent cannoli. it's not amazing. there are three locations.

                              as well, the maria's in sherman oaks offers them. they're ok.

                              my fave ricotta is available locally by calling up bubalus bubalis in gardena and ordering their ricotta made from water buffalo milk (buffalo cows in chino, cheese plant in gardena).

                              1. Pizza Bravo (Eat-Love) on Main Street in Santa Monica has nice ones- I think the cheese and maybe even the shells are actually from NY.

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                                  Bravo has their canolis shipped from ferraras in new york. they are good, but they also make a canoli cookie that is really awesome. 2 chocolate chip cookies with canoli cream in the middle. heavenly.