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Oct 16, 2007 09:31 AM

Hartford near The Bushnell

I don't know Hartford very well but would like someplace great for dinner before a show. I've been to Bin 228 and loved it but is it close by? Any other recommendations? Would prefer to park the car and walk. Any type of food... thanks.

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  1. If by "close-by" you mean "walking distance", the only place I can think of near to the Bushnell is a new restaurant called Firebox. (539 Broad Street). Haven't been yet, but the Hartford Courant review was very favorable. It's about 3-4 blocks away, but in a direction that frankly I wouldn't feel too comfortable walking in at night. If you go, I would drive.

    Across Bushnell Park is Vito's. Not fancy, but reliable. Again, walking through the Park after dark is not recommended. Bin 228 (and the rest of the downtown restaurants) are not really a comfortable walk from the Bushnell at night. For a matinee, that's a different story.

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      Food at Firebox is very good. You might not want to walk there after the show so if thats your choice eat then drive 2 or 3 blocks to the bushnell or park near the Bushnell and walk to the Firebox before the show. An alternative is Peppercorn's on Main St. You can park in the state lots in between the Bushnell and Peppercorn's - high end italian.

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        I second Peppercorn's as a great choice that is quite close. As far as Vito's by the Park, I'm not a fan. We have been three times and disappointed each. It had two tables eating last Saturday night at 9:30 pm, while they were turning people away at Bin 228. In any case, Bin 228 is only about 1 1/2 blocks furthur than Vito's and worth the extra distance, but both are a decent walk.

        If you are willing to drive from the restaurant, try Costa Del Sol. Amazing spanish food and impeccable service.

    2. Bin 228 is walking distance to the Bushnell...about 3 blocks....don't walk through the park...walk through the Arch...if it's show night at the Bushnell there will be plenty of street traffic to feel safe