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Oct 16, 2007 09:17 AM

Can we revisit the PATH?

It's been awhile and it's getting colder so I'm looking for any favourites I can get to indoors or a short walk outdoors.
Looking for favourites, new places or healthy options.

I'll add my favs...
New and Good
Petit Four Bakery for Foccacia Sandwiches in Commerce Court
Good Regular place
The noodle / salad / soup from Saveur Saigon in Richmond Adelaide Foodcourt
Salads from Fresh in Commerce Court
LF / NC Soup from Soup Nutsy in TD Centre
Just Outside
Sweet Lulu at 350 Bay St, but really just around the corner on Temperance St

I was quite impressed by Sweet Lulu which I just tried yesterday. Had the rice stick noodles with shrimp and a laksa sauce. The noodles, vegetables were perfectly cooked and the 4 really (really) big shrimp were amazingly perfectly cooked. The laksa needed a little help that was retificed by the addition of sirachna and salt. $12.95

Let me know your favourites.

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  1. Challenging topic Mila.

    The PATH offers quantity of choice rather than quality, but I've scoped out a few favs over the last 6 months...and I'm interested in finding more. Sweet Lulu sound interesting, and I've not gotten past the lineups at Petit Four yet, but soon.

    I like Sushi Q, just across from Fresh. There is another Sushi place in 1st Cdn that is more expensive, but very good. Sushi Q is closer and they are reliable and consistent in quality.
    Fresh is pretty good (not as good as the Sandwich Box), but the servers are so surley--so I tend to avoid it.
    When I am feeling like vege options, I like the vege tortillas at Zteca in CC. Messy, but very tasty.
    I have also found that all chain locales are not the same. The Edo at CC does a good Tofu dinner. Lots of tofu and quite tasty. The Edo at BCE - not so good.

    But other than that, packing my own is still a better option than the PATH. I'll be watching for more reviews.

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    1. I prefer Sandwich Box over Petit Four. Petit Four doesn't allow you to customize your sandwiches, they're expensive, and they don't grill 'em (maybe if you asked). Sandwich Box has recently raised their prices a bit but it's still a much better deal in terms of price and variety over Petit Four. I guess it's the rent in the PATH to blame.

      One interesting thing is that Petit Four gives you the glass that your Petit Fours (desserts) come in.

      Soup Nutsy is really good, even though it's kind of pricey for soup. At least it's still under $10. I try not to spend more than that for my average daily lunch.

      Please do not bother with any of the new burrito places (Zteca or Quesada). If you can't make it to Burrito Boyz find your way to Freshwest Grill in TD. I don't think it's as good as BB but still a lot better than the new places.

      When in doubt I go to Pumpernickels. Though selection there can be slim pickings if you go too late. I also noticed they don't seem to change their sandwiches much anymore.

      Weather is still decent enough to go to St. Lawrence, but this is a PATH thread.

      1. I'm glad you mentioned Sweet Lulu. Just walked by it the other day and was wondering if it was worth trying.
        I like Petit Four, although it is precious - I got a cup of soup yesterday (literally a large coffee cup) for 4.70something (I don't remember the exact change). The soup was good though, so I would go back (curry lentil). The 4" wholegrain focaccia with smoked salmon, medium boiled egg (nice and squishy, not over boiled) was good - I think it was $7. It was fresh, nice chewy focaccia.
        I like the salads at Fresh at CC - preferred dressings are the light raspberry, caribbean mango and dill poppyseed, sometimes they don't mix it well enough though.
        cheap standbys - spicy eggplant, beef w/broccoli with white rice from the Chinese take out in CC; tofu with vegetables from Edo, small roast beef with cheese toasted from Mr. Sub. Haven't tried Zteca yet.
        Naturally Yours in First Canadian - I like the lentil loaf with the gravy and the mexican lasagna with hot sauce. Their take out salads are good too - pricey because they are weighed.
        I've had decent takeout middle eastern from the place in the TD food court. Has anyone tried the new place in the Scotia food court - I can't remember the name, but the potato guy used to be there (sigh, I did occasionally enjoy a baked potato from that guy with light sour cream and salsa - feeling and oh so cheap).

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        1. re: pescatarian

          I tried it not too long ago. It is a bit of a bizarre combination of South American and Asian (but it is about as South American as Bourbon Grill or whatever is Cajun). It does have a pretty nice mango salad, but otherwise what I tried was about as good as, if not worse, as Manchu Wok next door.

        2. This Fresh in CC, is it a Fresh by the Juice for Life people or something different?

          On another note, I tried the meal salad at Toasty Jacks on the recommendation of this board and it was tastier than the salads at Lettuce Eatery and at least 2 or 3 dollars cheaper. I am hopelessly lost in the PATH, so I'm not sure exactly of the location. There is a Wendy's and a Tim's there (I know that describes 2/3 of the PATH foodcourts, sorry).

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          1. re: basileater

            Fresh in CC and Fresh by Juice for Life are different owners.

            You are describing Scotia Plaza to me - with the Wendy's and Tim's - not sure where Toasty Jacks is though.

            1. re: pescatarian

              Roasty Jack's is the The Exchange Tower. Where is Sandwich Box?
              Great bakery in FC is Furama.

              1. re: sake

                Unfortunately, the Sandwich Box is not in the path...Fresh is a weak copy IMHO. Find them in the St. Patrick st food court across from City TV. Just look for the longest line.

                I take that back, a post below says there is an SB on Richmond near Bay. If so, I'll be going there from now on. I only hope it is as good.

                1. re: dinin and dishin

                  I agree that the sandwiches aren't worth it at Fresh(Fast Foods), but the salads are a decent option.

              2. re: pescatarian

                Which route do you guys take? Is this all on the University line or the Yonge?

                1. re: Merriam

                  Well, I like Noodle King in the Sheraton Food court after dropping by today for beef brisket and rice noodle soup. Tasty! Nice to have another noodle shop option in the PATH.

                  1. re: deabot

                    Yes, I like the King too!!! The King is king .... I looooooooooooove the noodle soup, .... the soup is sooooo rich! ask for extra spice!

                2. re: pescatarian

                  The Fresh in CC is Fresh Fast Foods. It's across from Petit Four/Soul of the Vine. Looks just like Lettuce Eatery.

                  As sake said, Roasty Jack's is in the Exchange Tower, west FCP (same food court as Burger King, Tim Hortons, etc.). They advertise that nothing is fried there. It's a pretty good option if you want something relatively healthy. I found their chicken salad just adequate. I didn't like that dressing with the chicken.

                  Sandwich Box is on Richmond just west of Bay, so it's not necessarily in the PATH. Sweet Lulu is just south of it on Temperance, once again just west of Bay St. I've yet to try it, but I notice there's always cops or security on that street.

                  Also right beside Noodle King in the Sheraton food court is the cheapest Mr. Souvlaki in the PATH. Under $5 for a pork souvlaki dinner with rice, potatoes and salad. It's not the best souvlaki, but hey, it's under $5. That food court is kind of dingy though, and the hair place makes the hallway smell. I always take my food to go.
                  Although if you're that close to Bay already check out T Spot in the concourse or Great Cooks on 8 if you're looking for a good sitdown meal.

                  1. re: Negaduck

                    I had no idea there was a Sandwich Box on Richmond near Bay. Is this the same owner and quality as the one across from City TV?

                3. re: basileater

                  Just to note, Lettuce Eatery appears to have changed their name to Freshii now. I don't know what's changed though since I haven't been there for a while.

                  1. re: Negaduck

                    I believe the owner has re-branded to expand the product line. In the U.S., Freshii has much more than just salads; I guess they figured out they can't survive long-term serving $15 salads.

                4. FYI Saveurs de Saigon died a few weeks ago... R.I.P. because it was the only place you could get pho in PATH.

                  I disagree about Sweet Lulu; I feel it is very over-priced for what you get. Although Noodle Concept (also Richmond-Adelaide Centre) isn't as good as Sweet Lulu, for half the price I feel it's better value for money. As my friend said "we got hosed"--and not in a good way!

                  Another fave of mine, also in R-A C, is Sandwich World. For $6 you get homemade chicken curry on biryani with salad ($4) and a fresh fruit cup ($2).

                  Interesting FYI: if you're into Subway, the one at Richmond and Bay (not in PATH) is far better than the one in the food court at R-A C--more generous fillings, and tidier sandwiches.

                  Thanks for the heads up on Noodle King everyone; I'll check it out.

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                  1. re: Olivia

                    Oh no, say it's not so. I'll really miss Saveurs de Saigon, but I suppose they never really stood a chance in the foodcourt world of Hero burgers.

                    Sweet Lulu really was expensive but I was pleasantly suprised at the quality of ingredients and cooking.

                    A few more favs:
                    Oasis Cafe in Exchange Tower - Kosher meals with quality ingredients, a bit pricey, great falafel and baked spicy fries
                    For anyone who likes Soup Nutsy, here is a link to their daily menu.
                    Yesterday I checked out Cafe Supreme which is at ground level at the TD Centre. Tasty sandwiches and salads.
                    Mercatto takeout counter has some good sandwiches and salads.

                    1. re: Mila

                      I've been keen to try Oasis; thanks for the recommendation.

                      As for Mercatto... am I the only one who finds the smell of their raunchy hood exhaust being blown all over the sidewalk nauseating? In the name of good food though, I'll give it a shot (and hold my breath!). Thanks for the tip.

                      1. re: Olivia

                        Oasis Cafe's menu is online.

                        Oasis Cafe
                        100 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X, CA

                        1. re: toveggiegirl

                          Thanks for the link. It says falafel on their menu but I never see it there since the reno. Maybe you need to ask for it.

                          Had lunch today at King Shawarma at the Eaton Centre. Just a heads up, it was absolutely disgusting, undercooked greasy chicken.

                        2. re: Olivia

                          I am pretty much in love with the mixed Italian sandwich from Mercatto on Bay. Aside from the meats and cheese it has an artichoke pesto and arugula, plus the most delicious multigrain baguette with nuts and seeds... YUM!

                        3. re: Mila

                          Forgot about Cafe Supreme...probably because they are on ground level. Very tasty stuff there.

                        4. re: Olivia

                          so after reading this thread today, I was so excited about the prospect of Laksa nearby.. that I wen straight to Sweet Lulu's for lunch...

                          Since the comments here was that it was over-priced.. I shamlessly picked the lowest price point - the Vegetarian Laksha (Hokkien Mein, chili flakes, lime leaves) and Ice Tea.. comes out to just over $10... a tolerable price point for lunch.

                          I didn't miss not having any meat in that dish.. still a quite filling lunch. I echo the sentiments about the quality of ingredients.. and the setup is very hawker-esque..a plus in my books. You can place your order and sit at the long communal tables and they'll bring your order to you when ready.

                          Not that there's anything wrong with it, but when I saw the young kitchen stuff (non-asian) cooking stir fry.. I instinctively start to worry .. when my Laksa camed.. confirmed! The laksha soup was more like green curry?

                          The laksa soup (and I really wanted to like it) was overwhelming with coconut flavor... So though the soup was flavorful... at the same time it was truly bland (no excitement, no heat) by laksa standards. I know that didn't make any sense. But there just wasn't that rustic, earthiness quality that laksa's should have.

                          If you're looking for a good vegetarian eat, Sweet Lulu's laksa might be just the thing.. but if you're looking for authenticity.. this is a miss for me.