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Oct 16, 2007 08:58 AM

Slippery Shrimp?

For many years I went to Yang Chow in Chinatown in LA and feasted on their signature dish. Slippery shrimp is lightly fried, then covered in a sweet, spicy, lustrous orange sauce. This is probably a common Chinese dish, but I haven't seen it in New York.

Can one of you more knowledgeable foodies tell me if this is a unique dish, or can I get my fix here in New York?


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  1. Susan, did you ever find a place in manhattan that serves anything like it? i live for slippery shrimp but can only get it when i'm in LA.

    1. Hi Susan , did you find Slippery Shrimp in Manhattan??


      1. never been to LA and never had Slippery Shrimp, but it looks a lot like what's served at the Chinese-Korean places. Shanghai Mong on 32nd serves something similar looking, but more heavily sauced:

        Guh Song in Queens has a dish that looks much closer to Yang Chow's, but I can't find a photo online.

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          Thanks i will try to go next week and check ....

          thanks again