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North Conway, NH

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My wife and I are traveling to North Conway, NH; can anyone recommend good places for breakfast and dinner? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would suggest the Muddy Mouse is North Conway, it has a beatiuful view. It is a casual place with good pub fare. Also, there is the Woodstock Inn nad Brewery in Woodstock which is great.

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      I think the Muddy Moose burned down... in fact I am almost positive on that one.

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        when did the Muddy Mosse burn down? I was up last July and it was still there.

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          it was another "moose" restaurant...sorry.

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        I was confusing Muddy Moose & Moat Mtn, so I googled them....Muddy Moose is the place I had in mind (rustic & woody, that nice deck out back). I was shocked to see the pics of Moat Mtn - it's the old Scottish Lion! And I can't believe they haven't refurbished....those plaid rugs are ANCIENT. I recognized it from 20 yrs ago.

      3. Scarecrow Pub is a popular spot and has always been one of my favorites. It's on Rte. 16 in Intervale. Nice casual spot with good service and food. I also like the Red Parka Pub, and you also may want to check and see if the dining room at the Christmas Farm Inn is open to the public. They used to be, but it's been a few years since I've been. they have a nice little pub and a casual, fine dining room. Hopefully, someone else will post with a more updated review.

        1. They did not burn down. I just called the restaruant. Here is the website if interested. http://www.muddymoose.com/index.htm

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            sorry it was another restaurant with moose as its first name... sorry.

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              Think you mean the place in Bartlett where the owner shot the cook and set the place on fire.

          2. Breakfast - Peach's.

            Dinner depends on type of food and atmosphere you are looking for.

            If you are beer drinkers try to get to the Moat Mountain smokehouse. Good place for lunch, as well.

            1. Red Parka Pub, Scarecrow, and Moat Mountain are all good choices. I've also had very enjoyable meals at Delaneys. The view is great at the muddy moose but I never thought the food was anything to write home about.

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                Muddy Moose is ok - but you are right that it's not a standout. Seems like every time I'm up there and want to sit out on their deck and enjoy the nice view of Cathedral, Whitehorse and the Moats the weather doesn't cooperate.

                They do have a nice bar and always have Tuckerman's Pale Ale on tap.

              2. Dinner.. DEFINATELY go to White Mountain Hotel and Restaurant on West Side Rd.
                as for breakfast go to the North Conway Country Club, the food is unbelievable.

                  1. Jonathan's on Rt.16 south of town is excellent for seafood. My wife and I ate at the Maine Diner last Saturday for the first time. She went with what is probably their signature dish, lobster pie. After eating she said, "You know, it just wasn't as good as Jonathan's."

                    1. I just got back from a week in North Conway, with our six year old son. Some impressions:

                      Breakfast -- we tried Peaches and Stairway Cafe (2X each). Of the two, Peaches was the more traditional place. The best dish we tried there was the blueberry-walnut pancakes. Otherwise -- acceptable for what it does (and seemed kid friendly, except for the lack of a kid's menu -- what's up with that?). Use the 10% coupon in the local food brochure.

                      The Stairway Cafe was pricier, but better IMO (but still no kid's menu). The atmosphere was like going to someone's home and eating there. Everything seemed fresh and homemade. Try the "Pigs in Blueberry Blankets" (blueberry pancakes wrapped around very yummy -- and spicy -- turkey sausage).

                      Lunch and Dinner:

                      Up-Country Family Restaurant: A coupon attracted us, and we found nothing special. Not the best pub meal ever, not the worst. (I had a grilled chicken sandwich w/cheese and bacon, my wife had the pot roast special). My kid liked the grilled cheese, however.

                      Red Fox Grill (near Storyland): VERY kid-friendly -- to the point of having a separate movie room and playroom for the kiddies. The meal was OK (I had the swordfish special, my wife had chicken parm, the kid had the pressed chicken fingers). If you have kids, go more for the atmosphere than the food.

                      Flatbread Pizza: I remembered this place from my last trip to North Conway, and it was at our hotel. Very earthy crunchy granola type place, limited menu (flatbread pizzas, salads, beer, wine, cofffee, sodas, organic milk, lemonade, two desserts). But what they serve you is expertly prepared and very good. In three trips, we had the pepperoni and mushroom pizza, the special "mexican taco" pizza, a salad, the sausage and mushroom pizza, the cheese and tomato sauce pizza (for the kid, of course), and the gingerbread dessert. All demolished, no leftovers.

                      The Lobster Trap: We went there hoping that it wasn't the "Tourist Trap"! It wasn't -- family run seafood place, My kid loved his fish and chips, my wife enjoyed her lasagna (not a big seafood fan), and I devoured my 1lb lobster and mussel bake (best melt-in-your-mouth mussels I have had in a long time). If you want a lobster bargain ($14.95 lobster), arrive with the early birds, but expect a crowd. We got there later, the place was almost deserted -- but they had sold out of a few things (I had the mussels because the steamers were all gone to the early birds).

                      We remember other restaurants from our earlier trips -- the Homestead (O.K.) and the 1785 House (if you don't have kids, put this on your list for an excellent, upscale meal).

                      For North Conway area, that was it (we ate elsewhere on various day trips). FYI -- we also noticed that Coyote Rose was closed and "for lease".

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                        Thanks to MUGger's suggestion I tried the Lobster Trap. My girlfriend and I ate there two and a half hours ago and we both really enjoyed it. For a drink I got a draft Brooklyn Ale and the tap lines seemed super clean. The clam chowder was creamy and flavorful but not too heavy, but it had very few clams in it.

                        My girlfriend got the Lobster Saute, it looked like about a full lobster's worth of meat and was atop a light, tasty lemon butter sauce. I got the Lobster Scampi which was a quarter pound of lobster over linguine with a classic scampi sauce. The lobster in both dishes was perfectly cooked.

                        My only issue with the Lobster Trap is that my girlfriend's dish had not much more lobster than mine, but was almost double the price ($18 vs $34). I strongly recommend the place.

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                          I ate at the Stairway Cafe and had a very good breakfast. The place is very small but still comfortable. My girlfriend had their standard breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes with their hot apple cider. I had their breakfast sandwich consisting of a fried egg, Vermont sharp cheddar, and wild boar sausage (You can choose from other types of sausage) on top of an English muffin.

                          I have no complaints about the food, it was all very good. The thing that is going to bring me back the next time I visit is how cozy it is inside. Even though this was our first time visiting the town I felt like I was eating at a friend's house. At one point, we were all chatting about what to do in the area as if we really were friends eating together. Thanks again MUGger for the great suggestions.

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                            We are staying in North Conway for a about a week on a motorcycle vacation, so far we have tried Peaches, Up Country and the Muddy Moose.

                            Peaches for breakfast, very pedestrian. I had the "Your Favorite" the corned beef hash was over salted and the portion size was quite small. My poached egges were over-cooked. The missus had poached eggs and bacon, the bacon was a nice crispness, however one egg was done to her satisfaction, the other was over-cooked. Our friend had a spinach omelette that was quite nice.

                            Up Country for lunch was mediocre at best. Nothing outstanding, but not the worst lunches we've ever had.

                            I was very disappointed with the Muddy Moose. There was a slight wait to be seated at a table, so we had drinks at the bar. The bartender recommeded the venision pasta, ribeeye steak and the ribs. So, once we were seated, we order the ribeye, and two ribs. The ribeye was tough and lacked the typical flavour of beef, I suspect it was one tht had been defrosted rather quickly from frozen. Sent it back for another order of ribs, which were supposed to fall off the bone. Of the three orders of ribs, only the one that arrived for our friend was anywhere near the "fall off the bone" tenderness. Both the missus' and mine were tough, dry and flavorless.

                            The only half-way decent thing the server did was to remove both our rib orders from our bill. The sad thing was that there was no other offer or suggestion for ruining our dinners. No offer of something else from the menu, although by this point neither the missus nor I had any appetite for anything further from that kitchen. I ended up back at our motel room ordering a pizza from Dominos. Sad state of affairs.

                            We are in the North Conway area for a few more days. Between the constant rain and lack of food, I'm not sure what to do.

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                              Maybe come down a little south to Tamworth on Rt. 16 and do Yankee Smokehouse (casual great bbq, awesome chili) or Whittier House for a nice meal. If you move a little more south to Tuftonboro (just off Rt. 25) to the Woodshed (you won't be disappointed if you love a great steak and all around great ambiance and service).

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                                Unfortunately, you tried two of the less stellar restaurants in my post (I did not try the Muddy Moose). If you are still in North Conway, go to the Stairway Cafe for breakfast and Flatbread Pizza for a pizza. I do not think you will be disappointed in either one.

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                                  lexpatti, MUGger,
                                  Thanks for the rec's. I'll probably be back in the late spring next year and give those places a try. Hopefully next time, the weather won't be so wet.

                            2. The Muddy Moose did not burn down. That was a horrible restaurant down the road from the Muddy Mouse that burned down. It was named Fandangles.

                              1. Try the Notchland Inn in Hart's Location (next to Bartlett) for dinner - or better yet spend a weekend there. It's a fabulous http://www.notchland.com/

                                You have to call ahead for reservations, they have a limited menu 3 appetizers, entrees, etc, but the food is excellent and the wine list is reasonable.

                                It's not really for kids, though.

                                1. I was in the White Mountains region yesterday and decided to use my iPhone to check Chowhound for breakfast suggestions in the Lincoln area. Unfortunately, due partly to a slow connection that hampered my searching, I didn't find any good suggestions, so I tried this place called Peg's I think it was. At first they sat me at the bar, but the seats were uncomfortable, so I had them move me to a table. Then at the Waitresse's suggestion I ordered their stuffed french toast with apples. While the apples were good, the french toast was like a texas toast, really thick, and was filled with cream cheese. And while the apples were tasty and went well with the cinnamon flavor, it was all just too bready and the cream cheese didn't go with the apples well at all. Also their "famous" maple syrup came in a little plastic cup like they had to ration it, and it wasn't nearly as good as that expensive brand I get at Hannaford's in the maple leaf bottle. Too much like fake maple. Too much sugar, not enough maple flavor.

                                  Then that evening I went to the Muddy Moose after finding the suggestions here. That was a big dissapointment. If you've ever been to a Bugaboo Creek, that's pretty much how this place was decordated, and how it feels. I don't know if it's a chain restaurant. but it feels exactly like one, and the food is like one as well.

                                  The place filled up fast after I arrived, and was full of screaming kids. I had considered sitting on the back porch, but chose to sit inside after I saw that it was just a deck with some tables, and no roof or fencing, on the west side of the building so you're baked in the sun as it sets, with the umbrellas they provide doing nothing. I guess if it was after sunset it might be more pleasant to sit there, but then you wouldn't be able to see the mountains.

                                  I ordered the Venison Pasta, and it was terrible. The sausage was really tough and had these stringy bits in it, and I didn't like the flavor of the sauce either.

                                  The bartender who was also waiting on my table was nice enough to offer me a replacement however, so I got the trout because it was lighter fare and I'd alread filled up on bread and some pasta. The fish was much better. Had a nice lemon flavor. But it was served with some carrots which had some kind of honey or cinnamon flavor to them which didn't really go with the fish.

                                  However, he also brought me a 20oz beer when I asked for a "just a pint". So I docked him points for that. A bartender ought to know better!

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                                    Rata, in the bartenders defense, most bars only have 2 sizes for draft beers, and most often nowadays they are 12oz and 20oz glasses... not the standard 8oz half, and 16oz full pints.

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                                      Eeegahd! In beer drinking world a pint is 20oz!


                                      A beer drinker should know better.

                                  2. Favorites of mine in the valley have to be:

                                    in N Conway: Delaney's Hole in the Wall
                                    in Bartlett: The Scarecrow Pub
                                    in Jackson : Wildcat Inn & Tavern (gourmet offerings at night)

                                    1. Absolutely great Italian food: Maestro's in North Conway (3358 White Mt Hwy, no reservations, Tu-Sun 4-9 p.m. Somebody great is cooking there and I hope that s/he doesn't go away! We had a very memorable dinner there and look forward to returning. Booth seating for families, small unpretentious place.

                                      Have breakfast in the same little strip at the little market/cafe--forgot the name--really nice little sit-down area for breakfast, good food & coffee, nice young staff.