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Oct 16, 2007 08:27 AM

Oyster Bay NZ Sauvignon Blanc

Just got turned on to this by my local wine store (Blanchard's in Allston for any Bostonians).

Was pretty hooked on the Villa Maria mentioned in an earlier thread, but while the VM packed a big juicy yummy wallop, the OB is just a much more all around wonderful wine.

A remarkable bargain in the $9-12 range.

So complex, classic NZ Sauvignon character, worth 2-3X the price.

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  1. Also tried this for the first time last month -- the picky wife really enjoyed it, much more so than Kim Crawford and the like...

    1. Have you guys tried the Babich? It's usually around twelve bucks in Central Mass. Might be a bit juicy for you, Striper, but it has depth of flavor that most wines in that price-point couldn't dream of.

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      1. re: invinotheresverde

        The NZ Sauvignon Blancs are so consistently delicious, it is hard to go wrong. That fresh, grassy, tart, limey, juicy, mineral character tends to come through in almost all of the NZ s-blancs.

        Oyster Bay is a very good wine, year in, year out. But I also really love the Kim Crawford (it is a household favourite).

        I must say that the Matua "Paretai" is the best of the NZ sauvignon blancs that I have tasted. It usually garners a 93 point rating or so from the likes of WS. It has a more pronounced mineral character than any other NZ s-blanc I have tried.

        Allan Scott is a producer who should not go overlooked, either. Babich, which somebody mentioned earlier, is also excellent. Shephard Ridge is great too. And I would put in a pitch for Stoneleigh (but their Riesling is even better than their S-B.)

        I love NZ whites for their value, their consistency (in terms of quality) and their ready availability. I think it is very hard to go wrong here (and certainly the wines are much more interesting than many of the more expensive, oak-bomb California chardonnays). The only criticism that I would level at NZ s-blanc is that the style does not vary all that much from one wine to another.

        1. re: anewton

          Ha, so not into CA Oak Bombs. Don't even understand the fascination. Anyone can buy barrels. I want to taste the grapes... Do like some non-oaked chards though.

      2. This has become - as a huge lover of NZ SavB - my new favorite wine. While I still love to splurge on the Cloudy Bay when I can...the Oyster Bay is so delicious and worth well more than the $12 I pay for it here in Atlanta. I'm glad to see others taking note of it.