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Oct 16, 2007 07:50 AM

T Fusion Steakhouse in Brooklyn

I'd like to hear some reviews of T Fusion Steakhouse on Quentin Road in Brooklyn, so I can compare them with my own unfavorable first and probably last impression. I'm wondering if our experience was just a fluke or if it is typical.
We were there Sunday evening. The place was very attractive, with upstairs and downstairs seating areas. When we arrived, about 6:30 the place wasn't very crowded, but within the next half hour or so, it was filled to capacity.
After we waited awhile, we had to ask and then wait for bread on the table, which we saw at other tables. After the bread was finally brought, we had to ask again and wait for the spreads to put on the bread.
We began with the roasted duck salad, which tasted o.k., but nothing special. I think that it could have been presented more attractively with slices of duck, as it was described on the menu. Instead there were uneven bits of duck that looked like some leftovers mixed into the salad.
In consultation with the waitress, we chose the Spencer Steak ("Boneless Prime Ribeye Cut" $32) which was ordered medium, and the "21+ day aged prime Entrecote" ($34) which was ordered medium well. (We had actually wanted the "21+ day aged Tenderloin Delmonico" ($38) which was on the menu, but wasn't available.) The waitress said that both these cuts would be juicy, and not dry. The menu actually described Medium as "pink center", and Medium Well, as "slightly pink center". The fact that the descriptions of rare through well done, were actually described on the menu led me to believe that the kitchen would be very careful about the preparation.
When they arrived, the steaks were both well done (no pink) and dry, and definitely not of the flavor that we have had in other restaurants - some better than others, but all better than here [K.S., a"h; Le Marais, Abigael's, Prime Grill, Solo (the best)]. The Steak Fries that accompanied the steaks were pale, and also nothing special.
We were very disappointed, but I'm ashamed to admit that when the waitress asked "Is everything fine?" (rather than "How is everything?) we didn't complain. (The place was packed by then, and we didn't want to bother waiting again.)
Aside from the food, we had trouble several times attracting anyone's attention to get water refills, and ketchup for the fries.

As we were eating, a woman who I assume was the owner, came over and asked how everything was. We said "o.k.", a little unenthusiastically. She was very gracious, and prompted us for details. She was apologetic, and said that they were understaffed that night, and said that desserts would be on the house, which we appreciated. (Unfortunately, without asking us which desserts we wanted, the waitress brought us desserts of their choice - which were again, sadly disappointing. The pareve cheesecake was heavy and imho awful.)

All in all, the only positive experiences that night were the attractive ambience, and the pleasant and gracious attitude of the owner(?)
It's really a shame, since there are not many (or any?) upscale meat restaurants in Brooklyn, and we were really hopeful. Again, I am curious to hear other feedback. After all, the place was packed, and there must have been some returnees.

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          1. I've been there twice- a week after the grand opening, and two weeks later.

            The first time, we sat downstairs, back to back with the owner, Alison Katz of Tea for Two fame. Although we enjoyed our food on our first visit, I can readily concur with you that service was lacking, mostly in the sense that although the maitre d' asked us half a dozen times if everything was okay, we waited interminable waits between getting a) glasses of water b) the bread basket c) our appetizers d) and the main courses, which we received only about an hour after ordering them, but some 25 minutes after we already finished our appetizers. That's still generous because we didn't have our orders taken until about 15 minutes after we were seated. Also, because the place was only open for a week, the menu selection was reduced, leaving out the most attractive component- the dry-aged steaks.

            The second time we went, which was early Sunday evening, I was hoping to test the dry-aged steaks, but alas they were sold out from the previous day. I did however like the food that we eventually ordered, but as my spouse later pointed out (in a rather disappointed manner) that for each dish we ended ordering, between the chicken, steak and lamb they were all braised in the same mushroom sauce. I did notice an improvement though in the service.

            I do intend to visit the place again, but I think that this time I will call in advance to make sure that the dry-aged steaks are available.