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Oct 16, 2007 07:49 AM

Live Oak, CA?

Going to a wedding in Live Oak (north of Sacramento, by Yuba City).

Badly need recs for places to eat (anything goes) for a group of foodies who don't know what to do with themselves for five days.

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  1. Live Oak eh? Not exactly a epicurean oasis....

    There is a penny candy/sweets shop in town that is a must do.

    There is great taco truck as you enter town from the south.

    There are some decent mexican places, Casa Lupe was pretty good last time I was there. Lot of mexicans here, so the food is authentic.

    There is a place (Pasquinis?) that looks promising. Never been.

    I believe there is a Black Bear Diner here, and that is pretty good coffee shop food.

    One of my days would be spent in Chico. (40 minutes or less) At the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Great room, great beer and great food. Not to mention it is mecca for craft beer lvers. many beers avaialable here that are not in the stores....There is a thread about other Chico places here too.....

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      1. Live Oak:
        Betty’s Mexican Restaurant - one of the best Mexican restaurants in N. CA. Excellent food!
        Waffle Shop - avoid, bugs

        Casa Lupe - has a following but is very Americanized: cheddar not goat cheese, etc.
        Black Bear Diner - I avoid all branches of this chain after trying several

        Waffle Shop - good breakfast and lunch
        Fairview Grill at Kelly Ridge Golf course - nice view with pretty good lunches and dinners
        Checkers - a training school with very good Italian lunches and dinners and good wines
        The Depot - something to be avoided at all costs

        Yuba City:
        Waffle Barn - good breakfast
        Cooking Pot - good local breakfast
        Sundowner Café - Very small, very good breakfast
        Steak & Peppers - small and interesting for dinner (lunch?)
        Ruthy’s Bar & Oven/Ruthy’s Wine Shop - hidden inside a little mall; full menu; famous Sunday brunch; great salad bar; buffet on weeknights: Wednesday-BBQ beef ribs, pork ribs & chicken, Friday-prime rib. You can make a selection in the wine shop and have it served in the restaurant for no markup or corkage.
        City Café - fine dining, but a little expensive

        Lovey’s Landing - a real “locals” spot out in the sticks on the Sacramento River

        Red Tavern - fine dining with an unusually good chef

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        1. re: BN1

          Thanks for making this psot. Now I know a lot more about the area.... I just drive thru and find a spot....

          And I have always been okay with the BBD every time I have been. In every location It is what it is...a diner....

          Ruthy's looks good too. Where is it exactly?

          1. re: bennyboy1

            Benneyboy1, I’m sorry but these are the only websites I could find for Ruthy’s. These are from the 2007 “Best Of” section in the local paper. Turn east off Hwy 99 onto Franklin, at about six blocks turn south on Clark Avenue, go about three blocks to turn east on Julie Dr. and the parking lot is on the right. Enter the Hillcrest Mall to find the restaurant and wine shop. Incidentally, they display several “Wine Spectator” awards.

        2. The last time I drove through (I frequently drive to Chico), Pasquini's seemed to have closed down. I would imagine that Mexican places and taco trucks are going to be your best bets in Live Oak proper. For a really good meal, I would suggest following the advice above about driving to Chico and eating at the Red Tavern. There are a lot of other options in Chico too, but that's the best in town. I don't think I'd make a special trip to go to Oroville. I don't know the Yuba City scene well but had a quite good lunch at Cilantro's there once (modern Mexican in style).

          There's a place on 99 somewhere nearish Yuba City, I think north--I can't quite remember where because the drive from Sacramento to Chico is stultifyingly dull and I never stop--that advertises homemade pies and looks busy. I don't know the first thing about where specifically it is, what it's called, or whether the pies are any good, but I have been (very vaguely) intrigued by this in the past. I'm making the drive this weekend, so maybe I'll stop and see if there's any edible pie there. And where it might be.

          It seems like there ought to be Indian food somewhere around there, given the longtime large Punjabi population, but I've never heard about any.

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          1. re: katew

            Katew, Pasquini's has changed hands often in the past several years. When Benny Pasquini had the restaurant, it was good. He became insolvent, closed Pasquini's and started cooking at the El Rio Club in Meridian, CA, which was pretty good. He then opened Pasta Bene in Yuba City, but that soon went out of business. Pasquini's Restaurant was sold to a local Yuba City group that owned the Refuge and another I've forgotten, which created a small local chain of really mediocre dining. This new Pasquini's went out of business again and now has been purchased by a local farmer (or farmers?). It has just reopened and very little has been reported yet.

            The pie place you are trying to remember is probably the Crossroads Cafe between Live Oak and Gridley. It is mostly a place where local farmers drink coffee. I've tried to eat there repeatedly and the food ranged between mediocre and downright horrible. The hours are spotty, but I'm never going back again anyway.

            The local Mexican food is all over the place in quality. I think it would be hard to choose until you had tried them or had a recommendation

            1. re: BN1

              Good to know about the Crossroads place. I won't bother stopping! I hadn't realized Pasquini's had reopened--it was very much shut a few months ago, last time I passed by.

              I suspected the Mexican places would be variable in quality--but with five days in Live Oak, wasabi ought to have time to try them all.

              Is there anything in Marysville? And, to the north, has anyone been to the Richvale Cafe lately? I suspect its strength would be diner breakfast, but I don't know anyone who has been there in years.

              1. re: katew

                The local farmers subsidize the Richvale Café so they have a place to go for coffee and lunch. I think that explains how it stays open.

                Checkers in Oroville is really a gem if you like Italian food. The clam chowder at lunch on Thurs. & Fri. is extra good and the prices are incredibly reasonable. Their monthly wine tastings are usually sold out. They are nice enough to stock Brunello especially for me, but I like the Montevina “Terra d’Oro” Sangiovese on the menu as well.