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Oct 16, 2007 07:42 AM

I Need an Ebi Katsu Burger Recipe!!!

Does anyone out there have a good one? I mean....I've seen pictures of it, and it seems like all you do is make panko shrimp (but do you slice the shrimp pieces longways in half first, so it'll fit in a bun?), but there's apparently a sauce that goes with it, too, isn't there? I've heard it described as tangy and citrusy. Could it be a ponzu style sauce? Maybe ponzu mixed with a sweet tonkatsu sauce?...Perhaps it's just tonkatsu sauce?...

I've had a request for this from a friend in Osaka, so that might help narrow down the desired flavoring style from a regional standpoint.

If any of this sounds close, or you have a good recipe for me to follow, I'd appreciate it so much!!! ^_^ Thanks in advance!!!

UPDATE: Ok, I did some searching on Japanese sites and found where it's not just panko shrimp, but seems to be a mixture of hanpen or some other kind of fish product, minced with the shrimp, then made into patties and covered in panko. Looks like they enjoy eating it with tartar sauce, too, but I could be wrong. Does any of this sound correct???

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  1. Found this recipe. Don't know how close the "real" thing it is, but it sounds and looks good.

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      Thanks! :) The only thing about that one that seems dubious would be the potato. Wouldn't that make it more of a croquette rather than a "fillet-o-fish" style thingy? ;) If I had to guess at it, and what I've been able to make out from the Japanese recipes (I can only read parts of them - my kanji reading isn't so hot), You chop up the shrimp with hanpen, probably mix it with an egg to make it stick, sprinkle a bit of black pepper in there, then just do what you do with something like tonkatsu: dip it in some tempura batter, then panko, then right into the oil! Easier said than done with a mashed up bunch of bits, though...If I can't find a better recipe, I might try it this way and see how it works out! :)

      Thanks so much for the link!!!