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Apr 13, 2006 02:10 PM

best hot and sour soup in SF

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I love hot and sour soup, but am often disappointed. Are there any places in SF that serves a good one?

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  1. I've been thinking of hot and sour soup too since gary mentioned a place serving it with shrimp!

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      You're not referring to Gary Me are you? Maybe you're confusing it with savory soy milk soup with brine shrimp (well, I guess hot and sour flavors would be in there). Hot and Sour soup with shrimp sounds sort of Vietnamese to me, which is a cuisine I'm not well versed in.

    2. Please do post your findings for Hot and Sour soup! Go to Abacus at 2078 Hayes Street at Cole...and report.
      Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try it yet, will you?

      1. I like Spices! because their Hot and Sour soup actually has some heat. I also like the House of Nanking's nontradtional Hot and Sour soup because it is light as opposed to the overly oily versions found elsewhere.

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          I have a cold and had a hankering for a nice spicy hot and soup and went to Spices last night. it was fair - I had to ask for chili peppers to add.

          great hot and sour can be had at Eliza's and at Nanking Road Bistro on 9th Ave at Irving.(although the last time I had it there it wasn't as hot as usual).

          1. re: stuartg

            I have a strong craving for H&S soup tonight. Any updates to this topic 'hounds can provide ? Cheers.

            1. re: osho

              I like the Hot & Sour Soup at Hunan Homes.

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                Ended up going to Nanking Road Bistro - closest to home. It was decent, not outstanding and certainly not hot. Had to add chilli spice to get it to come alive ....

          2. Eliza has a good version. You can get it for free w/ the lunch specials if that's what they're serving as the soup of the day. If not, you can order it by the bowl. It has a really nice kick to it.

            1. There's that dreaded "B" word ("Best") which is almost as odious as the "A" word ("Authentic")! There are many interpretations of hot-sour soup, both regional and individual. Do you like yours hotter rather than sourer or vice versa? Red in color, or brown in color? Thick or thin? I think it will take a Delphi process to lead you to the one you like the most.