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Oct 16, 2007 07:42 AM

I Need Napa Tips!

I'll be going to Napa in November. I already have reservations for dinner at Bouchon & Celadon. For wineries, I have tour reservations at Cakebread(sensory experience), Del Dotto, Schramsberg, and Kuleto Estates. Now I'm looking for some great, inexpensive, lunch places and also some great wineries that don't require appointments.


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  1. Some wineries we really like are Robert Sinskey, great pinots, Miner Family, Cliff Lede, a beautiful tasting room with outstanding wines and Frank Family. None require an appointment and all produce excellent wines. Be careful at Del Dotto, they give you a bunch of wine and you can get toasted there if not careful.

    For lunch we always enjoy Bistro Jeanty, just the appetizers or perhaps Taylors Refresher just south of St. Helena.

    Have a great time.

    1. Pine Ridge, Steltzner, Hartwell - great cabs. Chateau Montelina, Zahtila (female owned, famale winemaker). Absolutely be careful at Del Dotto. You most likely WON"T be able to drive after that. I have been there many times, am a regular wine drinker (I am a grower and live here) and I get DRUNK everytime.
      Taylors is a good idea for lunch, or...Silverado Brewing Company. Market restaurant in St. Helena. There really aren't too many lunch non expensive places around. It's all about food and wine here so everything is done right! If you are here on a weekend (Fri-Sun) you can go to Martini House and get a Kobe burger that is very yummy. There are a few sushi places around, or a great idea is to go to one of our Deli's like Dean and Deluca or Sunshine and get some sandwhiches and go for a picnic lunch at one of the wineries. A lot of them have picnic grounds for you to enjoy, just don 't drink someone else's wine on their property. :) Some wineries with picnic grounds......St. Clement, Rutherford Hill, Rutherford Grove, V. Sattui - but you have to buy their food to use their picnic grounds and it's a little crazy there, Hall.

      1. Inexpensive lunches:

        Taylor's Refreshor, Oakville Grocery

        Wineries w/o appointments:
        Plumpjack, Whitehall Lane

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          Thanks everyone for the tips! I can't wait to go!