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Oct 16, 2007 07:41 AM

Balto - Inexpensive & Casual near the Lyric

BESIDES the Brewer's Art bar and Dionysus? we'll be dressed VERY casually. ISO decent pub grub, doesn't have to be transcendent, casual atmosphere is more important. I know I'll be happy with BA if that's the best choice, or should one dress up for BA bar? TIA all

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  1. The downstairs bar at BA is VERY casual and they have a good bar menu.
    Or you could walk around the corner to Tapas Teatro next to the Charles Theatre,

    1. Owl Bar, Al Pacino Cafe, The Zodiac, City Cafe, Mt. Vernon Stable...

      1. Tapas Teatro on Charles Street....or the Zodiac.

          1. Joe Squared is in that general area. It does have some mixed reviews among the 'hounds here, though, but I think it great!