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Balto - Inexpensive & Casual near the Lyric

BESIDES the Brewer's Art bar and Dionysus? we'll be dressed VERY casually. ISO decent pub grub, doesn't have to be transcendent, casual atmosphere is more important. I know I'll be happy with BA if that's the best choice, or should one dress up for BA bar? TIA all

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  1. The downstairs bar at BA is VERY casual and they have a good bar menu.
    Or you could walk around the corner to Tapas Teatro next to the Charles Theatre,

    1. Owl Bar, Al Pacino Cafe, The Zodiac, City Cafe, Mt. Vernon Stable...

      1. Tapas Teatro on Charles Street....or the Zodiac.

          1. Joe Squared is in that general area. It does have some mixed reviews among the 'hounds here, though, but I think it great!

            1. I'm going to have to third the Zodiac. But that's more restaurant-y than pub-y.

              For real pub grub, there's an Irish bar across the street from the Rite Aid, between the Quizno's and Art store off of Preston Street. I'm blanking on the name at the moment. That is way casual. And decent pub grub.

              There's the Ethiopian place kitty-corner from this Irish Place, which is damn good. And similarly casual.

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                Dougherty's Irish Pub- 223 W. Chase St.
                Dukem- 1100 Maryland Avenue

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                  Thanks, viperlush. I haven't set foot in Baltimore for four months now, and it's amazing how quickly one forgets. :) I'm still staying on top of the food scene through you guys, since I will be picking a restaurant to celebrate my return to the US come mid-December. I'll be posting to all of you asking for recs, depending on what I'll be in the mood to eat when I get home....can't wait!

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                    We held this week's Drinking Liberally at Dougherty's, so I was interested to see this thread and planned on reporting back.

                    Unfortunately, I had to flag down a waitress, who took my order but apparently never turned it in, and told me that I'd have to put it on a bar tab because she was too busy to bring me a check. So i have no report on their food at all.

                    I had three beers, came home and ate a banana for dinner, and will probably need a big breakfast tomorrow to compensate. I can't comment on their food, but the service was horrible.

                    While I'm on the topic, are there any other decent bars with food in the area that can accommodate a group that fluctuates from six to a dozen or so on Wednesday nights, and is within easy walking distance from that area? We've been to Club Charles, Mount Vernon Saloon and the Owl Bar.

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                      Midtown Yacht Club will fit your bill. I *love* their flautas. Great wings, too. The peanut shells strewn all over the floor just add to the atmosphere.

                      Interesting you had such bad service at Dougherty's. I hate it when that happens, and don't go back for ages---if at all.

                      Has anyone tried the place next to Dougherty's that has a menu on the outside wall with $1.95 onion rings? I've been eyeing it for years, but never had the ovaries to go in.

              2. joe squared is what i vote for too.

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                  I like it, too, and it's casual even by local standards.

                2. we wound up at Brewer's Art, since I was in charge and as a big beer fan I've been salivating over BA posts for months now. we stayed at the upstairs bar; awesome happy hour, delightfully cheap, high-quality house drafts (cheap for this DC boy, anyway) great burger, GREAT garlic fries....thanks all, now I have a list for next time

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