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Oct 16, 2007 07:28 AM

Good spicy soup for a sick girl

I'm feeling awful, and what I'm craving is a nice bowl of spicy soup to clear up the head and just make me feel better. I prefer those of the Asian variety, but could go for anything. What's your favorite cure-all soup in town?

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  1. Madam Mam has a cod fish soup: clear broth, chunks of cod, broth redolent w/ ginger, white pepper (opens those sinuses & makes you sweat it out), and scallions. I get it everytime I feel bad.

    1. There is good, better and of course there is the Thai chicken soup at Thai Kitchen. We order with the skinniest noodle they have and it is fantastic! Spicy hot and sweet and savory, a taste explosion and a cure for what ails you.

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        Man that sounds good. I'll have to give it a try when I get to Austin tomorrow.

      2. A nice bowl of Pho—chicken or tofu. The jalapeno slices really open you up! When I lived far-south, we got it from Pho Thai Son. Now that we live far-north, we get it from The Lemongrass Cafe (formerly Pho Thai Son North).

        1. The spiciest soup I've had - too much for me but the wife likes it - was ordered from Titaya on north Lamar (where Fortune Pho used to be). Fresh ingredients and a real kick to it.

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            Asain Cafe has some great soups, nice and spicy too.

          2. The hot and sour at Ming's Cafe 2604 Gaudalupe next to 711