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Oct 16, 2007 07:26 AM

Espresso 77/Starbuck's Jackson Hts

Doe anyone have an update on the opening date for Espresso 77? I haven't seen any activity since the awning went up and I haven't seen the owner in quite a while. The last news I had and this was a while ago was they were waiting for Health Department Inspection Certificate. I'm also wondering if Starbuck's has resolved its issues with the JH's Beautification Group. I did meet a local Realtor recently who mentioned Starbuck's would not be opening but I don't consider this reliable information.

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  1. Julie here from Espresso 77:
    We are back at work as of Monday after dealing with Building Department (not Health Department) red tape (LONG STORY, but related to our having to replace contractors). Watch the store for an open door - after months of saying "3 more weeks", I don't want to jinx it by saying anything!

    1. Thanks for the update MikeV. Here's to Jules NYC for going the distance... Can't wait for the doors to open.
      Let us hope they at least put something decent in that great location where Starbuck's (RIP?) should be.

      1. Keep us posted on the opening, Jules. At the Food Festival a few weekends ago, everyone was discussing how great your coffee was!

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          Just wondering if you will serve any food too? Brunch would be great!

          Good luck with the opening. I am looking forward to it. I had your coffee at the Food Festival and it was very good!

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            We don't have a kitchen, so no brunch, but we will have baked goods and later on, panini, cheese plates and salads to go with beer and wine when we get that license.
            I would love a great brunch place in the neighborhood! We know a great chef who lives in the hood and we have spoken casually about opening something up with her once the espresso bar is up and running. But it's hard to find a location with adequate space and a non-exorbitant rent!
            Thanks for all the good words from everyone on the board!

        2. The original comment has been removed