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Oct 16, 2007 07:13 AM

Lew's NY Deli in Paoli?

Has anyone tried Lew's NY Deli in Paoli? I tried a search but didn't find anything. I know the place is pretty new.
Website at
but sadly, no prices.

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  1. Being an expatriate New Yorker (born in Brooklyn, in fact), I was _really_ excited for this place to open.

    I finally managed to go there last week, and had a very disappointing lunch. They'd been open about a week, and while I can forgive how slow they were, the overall experience was so unsatisfying that it'll be a long time before I go back -- and they're about two minutes from my house. They were out of one of their standard menu items that both my friend and I had ordered, and it was a bit chaotic how they handled it. They asked if we wanted to substitute something else, and we both said, "No, we'll take our money back." When I went up to get some pickles, they corralled me at the pickle bar and handed me back my cash. I reminded them that my friend (who was still at the table) also needed to be paid back. They did eventually get her money to her, but we had to ask about it. Then there was this mass confusion over the coffee. We didn't get our cups, which was the least of it. It's too complicated to explain how wrong that went. Then they called us to pick up our order (you order at the counter and wait to be called). I had a sandwich and a side -- and the side was a _very_ skimpy serving. It only cost $1.75, true -- but it was served in the kind of plastic cup you'd usually get a pat of butter in! My friend ordered cheese blintzes which, if you've never had them, are mushy, soft crepes filled with mushy, soft cheese. And hot. And they served these as they serve everything else there: in a paper boat, of the kind you'd expect to get filled with fries at Coney Island. I get that they're trying to give the place that Brooklyn/Coney Island vibe, but how can you serve hot, mushy, cheese-engorged blintzes in a PAPER BOAT? They were piled one on top of another, and my friend attempted to cut them (with plastic utensils -- all they have there), and ended up with a mountain of hot, mushy cheese and a falling-apart paper boat. Terrible.

    The food was not bad, but nothing remarkable. I get a better turkey Reuben at Our Deli, right up the block from Lew's. Honestly, I don't think they were ready to open. They need some more time to get things up to speed there. And they've simply got to switch to either real plates, or a better quality, plastic-coated paper ware.

    I joked with them about not being open on Sundays, being a Jewish deli, and they were quick to correct me: they are a _New York-style_ deli, not a Jewish deli. Oh, one positive thing: there are egg creams on the menu, and I noted that the chocolate syrup they use is the correct kind (Fox's U-Bet -- the only _real_ egg creams are made with Fox's!).

    I don't know what to tell you. I certainly wouldn't recommend it. They probably use the same cold cuts as everybody else, so if you're dying for a pastrami sandwich, just go to Our Deli, where at least the service is reliable and they use REAL plates and utensils!

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    1. re: Fjordstone

      Was there for Lunch on Monday. Ordered Corn Beef Special and Potato Salad.

      32 minutes later by "Staten Island Time" i rec'd a Roast Beef Special sans Potato Salad.

      Never Again......

    2. Sad. I was thinking about checking it out. I think i'll be waiting. On a related note, I had a menu tucked under my window for the new Murrays deli in berwyn. $12 for a sandwich? The prices were ridiculously high.

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        Yes, but Murray's NY style (thick cut) pastrami is delicious.