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Oct 16, 2007 06:46 AM

Milwaukee Recommendations?

Heading up there this weekend? Any good restaurant picks? What areas are cool to hang around? Thanks.

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  1. Can you give us a little more to go on? What kind of food do you like? Where are you staying, and is transportation an issue? What type of atmosphere do you prefer?

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      Staying downtown, but transportation isn't an issue. Not looking for something too pricey, but more midrange with good food. Something unique to Milwaukeee would be interesting as well. Open to all types of food suggestions as we're not picky at all. Hope that helps.

    2. sanford is great and very expensive, their other restaurant coquette is quite good and much less expensive. i still like three brothers (serbian) but i like cabbage and startch and slivovitch and understand that others do not share my enthusiasms. there really is no shortage of good spots to eat in milwaukee, it is a great town to visit,

      1. Just a quick list:

        Zarletti downtown on Milwaukee st. Very good Italian. Milwaukee st has a number of places right there.

        Mimma's - Italian, or Cempazuchi, Mexican on Brady st. Likewise, many other bars restaurants

        Eliot's Bistro, French, North Ave also adjacent to lots of other places.

        There's lots of other places that are very good. All of the above range from good to very good, but that's just my opinion.

        1. We love Milwaukee,

          For a good burger & bloody mary go to Sobelman's:

          1. Milwaukee Ave has numerous bars and restaurants, Cubanitas, Metro, Zarletti's to name just a few. The Third Ward has been in an explosion of new restaurants and bars. The Milwaukee Public Market is at the end of the Third Ward closest to downtown. It is a great indoor market. Traveling south on Water street brings you to the Milwaukee Ale house, Water Buffalo, Centanni and that is just a few. Coquette Cafe is a great bistro like restaurant, The Wicked Hop is in the same area.The Hinterland on Erie has a great front bar area , higher priced main dining area and a back lounge with not your typical bar food menu.
            Old World Third street(Maders German restaurant, a German beer hall) has an abundance of bars and restaurants, as well as the Brady street area.

            You can pick up The Shepard Express( a free paper) that will list what is happening and a listing of restaurants and bars. Also check out

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              Have you eaten at The Wicked Hop? How was it, if you have?

              1. re: mike_d

                Yes we did. If I remember correctly I had a salmon dinner of some sort. It was good. I don't remember what my husband had but the overall experience was good. Attentive service, prices are reasonable, atmosphere fun.

                1. re: Living4fun

                  Any word on Water Buffalo? Or Pizza man? What is Real Chili like?

                  1. re: SirEatsALot

                    Pizza Man, despite the cheap-ass sounding name, actually has one of the best selections of wine by the glass around. Havent been there for a while, and I never had the pizza there. I used to like their ribs. Casual atmosphere, relaxed, friendly.

                    Real Chili is a chili parlor, nothing more, nothing less. The chili is Cincinnati-style. I love the place. I'm pretty sure they stay open real late on weekends.

                    1. re: SirEatsALot

                      I had salad at Water Buffalo last month (I had the chicken-blue cheese-grape salad, and Mr. Tastebud had the Caesar salad). Both were very tasty - nothing earthshaking, but quite nice.

                      The riverfront dining was a big plus. The inside is very decorated, with super-high ceilings and narrow dining spaces on two levels.

                      It's a great place for a drink, but I'd probably go elsewhere for food next time. That's because my preference is for places that don't spend as much on their decor - like Bombay Sweets or Three Brothers. But that's just me.