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Oct 16, 2007 06:31 AM

Grilling pans

Hi all,
I want to get a grilling pan and have a few questions:
1. I have a standard rental apartment GE electric stovetop. Will this damage the pan? Are they ok only on gas burners?
2. What are the pros and cons in terms of size? I have seen grill pans that fit over the two burners...
3. Do I really need to spend a lot of money on it? Does it have to be cast iron?

Thank you all for your help!!

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  1. By grill pan, I assume you mean one with raised ridges on the bottom? Cast iron will probably be best for your stove, since it retains heat so well and grilling is usually about high heat. When you lay your steak or whatever in the pan, the temperature of the pan's surface drops. The more metal you have in the pan, the less the temperature will drop, which will be important because your stove may not have the power to heat the pan back up quickly after the food is added.

    The only reason you'd need one that covers two burners is if you are going to cook on the whole surface at once.

    1. definitely get cast iron. i got a regular non-stick grill pan and hated it. bad heating and grill marks weren't as good. i actually recommend the double burner models. makes cooking go a lot quicker and since most are reversible, you can use the flat griddle side for things like pancakes which come out excellent.

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        I agree. My suggestion is for a Lodge double burner size, reversible cast iron grill pan. It's cheaper than almost anything else (it's about $43 on Amazon with free shipping) and more durable, meaning no enameled surfaces to chip or crack in the rare event you might drop it. Your electric range won't hurt it a bit, and keep in mind you don't HAVE to use both burners and heat up the whole pan.

      2. thanks to both of you, that is very helpful!