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Oct 16, 2007 05:52 AM

Favorite Restaurant on Charles St

What's your favorite restaurant on Charles St, and why? I want to take my spouse out before the ballet Saturday night and she suggests we eat somewhere on Charles St. I've been to the Beacon Hill Bistro and liked it but we're thinking of trying something new. Suggestions? Warnings?

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  1. For something a bit different while still elegant and delicious, try Lala Rohk at 97 Mt. Vernon Street. Persian cuisine with a very nice atmosphere - a perfect pre-ballet meal. I was hesitant at first but when Mrs. said we were going to try it I was glad she did.

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    1. re: powerfulpierre

      I agree. Lala Rokh is only about a block up the hill from Charles Street and is a very cozy, romantic place.

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        Lala Rokh is a nice spot. For a more casual spot the King and I is a good choice.

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          King and I is at the far end of Charles St. I L-O-V-E their Chicken Rama Garden cause of the yummy peanut sauce.

    2. I like bin 26 on Charles St for wines by the glass, cheese plates and cured meats.

      bin 26
      boston ma, boston, ma

      1. Try Bin 26 Enoteca. The food is great and the wine list is off the hook. Great neighborhood vibe. The tomato soup is fantastic!

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          Bin 26 is also on my must try list. I believe they are owned by the "Lala Rokh" family.

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            Bin 26 Enoteca is fabulous! But be sure to get a reservation for a Friday or Saturday night meal since the place is very popular.
            Otherwise, I also like Lala Rokh (which is run by the same people as Bin 26 Enoteca although the food is totally different) a lot. It is Persian food, and serves exotic, tasty and sensual food.

          2. Don't forget about Pigalle! It is on Charles St. and much closer to the Ballet.

            1. Will second Lala Rokh and also suggest Hungry I, which I liked the one time I went.

              Haven't been to BHB except for brunch, which was good, and haven't tried Bin 26 yet.

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                We used to go to Hungry I every Christmas Eve years ago. The food was good, but it was the cozy, romantic atmosphere that kept us coming back. We stopped going when I became a vegetarian because they didn't offer anything without flesh. If that's an issue, check the on-line menu first.

                I haven't been able to get there yet, but I'd go to Pigalle. It sounds great.