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Oct 16, 2007 05:46 AM

Kosher Options in Chicago O'Hare Airport?

I'm going to be stuck in O'Hare Airport for an hour and 45 minutes between flights. Anyone know of Kosher eats in the airport?

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  1. sorry to report no kosher eats at O'Hare other than the hechshered snack foods (chips etc) you can find at the newstands or Starbucks -

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      Pretty sure there's also a couple TCBYs.

      1. re: mamaleh

        The Dunkin Donuts at the H/K food court in Terminal 3 was getting all of their baked goods from the kosher Dunkin Donuts in West Rogers Park last time I was there (its been like that for a year or two). There is obviously no hashgacha there (so this a "at-your-own-risk" type of idea) so you would need to trust the Dunkin employees that all the donuts and bagels are still coming from the Kosher one...

        They do have the sealed cream cheese packages with an OU as well as plastic knives that they will provide you upon request as opposed to making the bagel for you.

        Aside from this you may be able to get a restaurant in WRP or Skokie to deliver to the airport but I imagine that might be a bit pricey.

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          The CIBO Gourmet Markets have fresh fruit and a number of packaged items with hechshers - there is one between Temrinal 1 and 2 and in Terminal 3

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            According to the manager they are still getting their baked goods from the kosher store on Devonbut they do not carry a teudah.

        2. Has anything changed as to kosher options at O' Hare airport since this was posted many years ago?

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            THe only thing to add is there are now Cibo Gourmet Express markets which have a varied selection of snacks other than potato chips that are hechshered - they are in between terminals 1 and 2 and in terminal 3

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              Actually, there has been a very important change. The info from Asher above regarding Dunkin Donuts is no longer true. Although the kiosk is still owner by the same person that owns the cRc kosher store on Devon in Chicago, the donuts and bagels no longer only come from that store and cannot be considered kosher. So basically, besides the packaged goods that are certified and can be purchased at any airport in the world, you are out of luck. Sorry.
              have a safe trip!