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Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto eateries

I grew up at Manor Rd and later this month I have a two day layover planned on my way to Greece for a month.
I haven't eaten on mT pleasant for years. Any suggestions?
As an alternative, I may consider Bayview but that is my second choice only if I can't get anything decent on Mt Pleasant.
Thank you!

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  1. Zee Grill is a wonderful seafood restaurant. Really excellent quality, nice surroundings (casual, not over the top).

    Lai Toh Heen is the sister restaurant of Lai Wah Heen. Very upscale Chinese and dim sum.

    Il Gelatiere is a fairly recent addition to the strip -- lots of love for the gelato on this board, though I don't like the texture as much as Hollywood Gelato on Bayview. But the flavours are wonderful.

    Enjoy your trip down memory lane! That's a wonderful area to have grown up in.

    1. The Homeway. It's been renovated since you last lived in the area but the food, what I've had of it, is still excellent.



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        For dinner I would highly recommend Across the Road. Not sure how long you've been gone, but do you recall Pronto's? Well, Across the Road is owned by the same person. Across the Road is literally across from where Pronto's was....hence the name. Food is quite good. Last time I was there they were doing a very nice seafood appetizer, served on a tiered platter....really good. Enjoy!! Would also recommend Quince for dinner but that is Yonge and Art Shoppe area.

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          Cafe Pleiades (good Greek name there, but not Greek food) is my regular. It's an excellent neighbourhood place (but a bit more diverse than Mom 'n Pop).
          Zee is fine - but why eat fish in Toronto if you're off to Greece? Lai Toh Heen is an "import" - no connection to the neighbourhood in any way, so I'd skip that. Don't know Homeway.
          And to my taste Il Gelatiere is very good - but expensive, with attitude. Hollywood is much cheaper but seems to cater more to 'kiddie' tastes with sweeter offerings and candy additions or ribbons.

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            Homeway is great for breakfast and lunch. For dinner they are also good, but there would be better choices.

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              Just jogged my memory. I have been to the Homeway - many times! Except it changed so dramatically after the makeover that I never go there now.
              If you used to go to the Homeway - don't go back - it will destroy all those loving greasy-spoon memories. It's been latte-fied!

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                I never went to the old Homeway. I must say I quite like the new Homeway decor. It's cozy and elegant while still being a neighbourhood spot. Greatly appreciated.

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                  If you're interested see my review of Homeway from a few months ago... http://www.chowhound.com/topics/432658

                  1. re: Jean Georges

                    I agree - the food isn't that bad - but "you can never go home again". The existing clientele do not resemble the old crowd. That's not to say the old crowd was 'better' - just different. I was away for around 5 years and just didn't feel 'right' in the new surroundings.

                    1. re: Jean Georges

                      for those who have been, what do you recommend for dinner? Ive never been before the makeover so I have nothing to compare it with, but I drive by everday and it looks like a cute spot

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                        Go for breakfast. And, last time I went, it wasn't "latte-fied", estufarian. They didn't even have an espresso machine, just regular coffee.

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                          We were in the neighbourhood this morning and tried Homeway for breakfast. It was our first time so I can't compare it to the "original". I quite liked the concept - sort of a "diner plus" menu (and pricing) in a cafe atmosphere - fresh, cozy, bright. We only had bacon and eggs - the eggs were great - tasted very fresh, cooked in butter. The bacon was so-so - some places have kick-ass bacon and others don't - I find there to be such a huge swing with this one ingredient. Thick whole wheat toast with salted butter was good as were the home fries. They have fresh squeezed juices and yes, an espresso machine. Overall, I'd give it a B. I would definitely go back if I was in the 'hood (and to try out a couple of other menu items) but for me, I don't think it feels like a destination spot.

                2. re: Jean Georges

                  went for brunch during the summer and it was awful. they messed up our (not complicated at all) order a bunch of times. food was cold and overall not very delicious. wish it was better because it's close to where i live.

              2. Me too! I grew up on Manor Road... Mom still lives there!

                Zee Grill is nice. Celestin, right at Manor Rd., is also good. Went there for my birthday last year.

                1. Thank you for all the replies!
                  I am really looking forward to my 'return' trip.
                  R. Dean Cowan
                  Red Deer, AB
                  AKA Carlitguy

                  1. Zee grill, Celestin and Lai Toh Heen are all great recommendations. However, if time permits, try heading across to Bayview and have some great Indian dishes at Amaya. Its a nice change!

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                      Amaya looks good - have you been? What did you have?

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                        Just noticed a storefront a couple of blocks down from Amaya on the west side with a big sign in the window advertising Amaya for delivery. It's got the same elephant logo so I assume it's the same place - can't quite figure out if it's a whole new storefront for delivery and take-away. I'll try and check it out.

                        1. re: peppermint pate

                          It is a separate facility they're creating to do take out and delivery. They wanted the separate facility so that it wouldn't interfere with the dining room.

                    2. if you want to watch a game a drink some homebrew, i recommend the granite brewery at eglinton. my SO loves the stout burger, and i've had some success with salads and wraps there. but mostly with the raspberry beer.

                      1. agree with those who mentioned Celestin. had a really great meal there a couple months back. excellent service as well.

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                            A friend brought us to Camerini's last year and we really enjoyed it. I had a pasta dish with rapini which I really enjoyed and my husband discovered his love for limoncello there. We tried to take a friend visiting Toronto there again this summer but it was sadly closed for summer vacation. Worthy of another try!

                            1. re: hungryabbey

                              Went to Camerini last year as well and really enjoyed it. The food was excellent. Also very reasonable. 4 of us had dinner with a couple of apps for $100 (no wine)

                              1. re: camp1980

                                wow thats pretty good, any recall of what you had?

                                1. re: hungryabbey

                                  Here is my old post on our meal there www.chowhound.com/topics/343367

                                  We all had pasta, and the apps were portobello mushrooms and grilled calamari. I would highly recommend the grilled calamari.

                                  1. re: camp1980

                                    oh fabulous thanks for the tip, sounds great!

                              2. re: hungryabbey

                                So much controversy about Camerini. Some say it is the worst, others praise it highly. Who should I believe?

                              3. oh, and i can't even believe i forgot cambalache...


                                tapas and live flamenco - very un-north toronto!

                                1. OK. It looks like I should be going to Camerini's!
                                  Where exactly is it located. It sounds like the restaurants that used to dot Mt Pleasant 40 years ago. The Italian restaurants took great pride in their Gelato using old family restaurants. If you tried to pass on them they would insist on giving you a free sample and you were hooked! worked every time!
                                  Dean in Canada AKA carlitguy

                                  1. How about the Granite Brewery

                                    1. has anyone been to Bread and Butter? I drive by everyday and they have a huge banner right now advertising the best schniztle.. anyone tried? and are they even open for dinner or is it just a lunch place?

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                                        I've been there but not for quite a long while. Great lunch spot. Very European. Good sandwiches, good schnitzel, salads, etc, and a nice patio. I definitely recommend it as a lunch spot but I doubt it's open for dinner.

                                        Bread & Butter
                                        507 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

                                          1. re: hungryabbey

                                            I should add that it's cafeteria-style service and it's licensed, which was nice in the summer to sit on the patio with a cold beer and a tasty schnitzel sandwich.
                                            They don't have a website but I came across this webpage, which is kinds cute.

                                      2. Where exactly is Carmerini's?
                                        This sounds like my choice.

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                                          Camerini's is a few doors north of Manor Rd., on the east side.

                                          1. re: Yongeman

                                            "Camerini's is a few doors north of Manor Rd., on the east side."
                                            This makes it even better as I grew up at Manor Rd & Forman Ave.
                                            I patronized all of these shops along there so it will bring back memories and be even more meaningful.
                                            Dean in Canada

                                            1. re: carlitguy

                                              Oops. Sorry to mislead you, carlitguy. It's still close, but it's actually just north of Soudan. Not sure why I said Manor. Enjoy your meal.

                                        2. Well I did use my 4 day layover in Toronto on my way to Greece to dine on Mt Pleasant.
                                          My first meal was at Swiss Chalet at Eglinton (actually on Eglinton one block west of MP). Now I know this isn't gourmet fare but I did do it in honour of a cousin that used to eat there with my sister and has now passed away. Like all Swiss Chalets it is consistent and predictable.
                                          The Monday we went to go to Carmenini's but it was closed. Hungry and in search of a quick fix we went into Messa Fine Foods and Cafe (681 MP Rd at Soudan) and had a few items from the display case. We weren't disappointed and would probably go again for a quick snack. They have some Portugese custard tarts on top of the display case that are to die for.
                                          Being a month ago I can't remember our meals but I do recall they were tasty.
                                          Thanks for all of your help and advice.
                                          Dean in Canada

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                                            Those custard tarts are killers. Betcha can't eat just one!!!