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Oct 16, 2007 02:59 AM

Looking for a few exotic dishes in Chinatown

Having hit many of the main, obvious spots that I had on my list, I'm now looking for a few of the more exotic dishes in Chinatown. Anyone know where to find any of the following?

Oh Nee (Taro Pudding)
Lei Chai Fan (Thunder Tea Rice)
Suan Pan Zi (Abacus Beads)
Durian Juice

Thanks in advance for any leads...and apologies in advance for any unintentional misspellings...I just don't know Mandarian or Cantonese... Thx!


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  1. Not sure where you can find durian juice but the vietnamese restaurants will do a durian shake which consists of sweetened condensed milk, durian, ice . I know nha trang does it.

    I prefer the jackfruit shake as it is less pungent.

    You may wanna check the thai indonesia grocery store on mulberry between canal and bayard too. They may carry durian in juice form.

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    1. re: randumbposter

      Hey Ran -

      Thanks. As for the others, I've identified them as Hakka (Suan Pan Zi and Lei Cha Fan) and Teo Chew (Oh Nee). Haven't found them, but at least I know what ethnicity they are...

      1. re: gaijingirl

        Yes they are Hakka, and last night I roamed around Chinatown asking for Hakka dishes or for tea rice. I couldn't find any.

        1. re: Brian S

          Shoot. A Taiwanese friend of mine suggested (maybe) Queens, but she said there wasn't much out there, either...!