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Oct 15, 2007 10:44 PM

Entree Salads

I'm meeting a friend for dinner (7pm) this week, and I haven't seen her in over a year so we have plenty to catch up on. She's 7+ months pregnant and craving salads. I've searched and read all the salad-related posts on this board and I'm not really coming up with anything that would work for dinner (although I found plenty of salad options for lunch!). Based on past threads, it seems that the Vault and Tossed are my best bets for good salads and that are open during the dinner hours... Any other recs? .

I've had great salads at several restaurants but can't seem to come up with a sit-down restaurant that's not too noisy (i.e., decent ambiance, amenable to conversing w/o shouting) and that offers a variety of entree salads to choose from... The only place that I can think of that offers a large list of salads is The Cheesecake Factory but my experience with their salads is limited...


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  1. Between my friends and I, lots of thumbs up for the Tossed Salad, Cobb Salad, and Herb Encrusted Salmon Salad at the Cheesecake Factory.

    I'd imagine some Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants would do great salads, but I'm coming up empty.

    1. I was excited for Tossed to come into the Pru but disappointed when I actually tried it. My sister who has been to them in NYC warned me of brown lettuce and while I hoped that this location would be better, it was not. I won't waste my time or money there.

      I like the chicken shawarma salad at Caffe Jaffa, the chopped smoked chicken salad at Brasserie Jo and the chopped salad at Pop's.

      1. I had a long-standing solemn vow never to eat at any restaurant named "Factory" but it was necessary to break this vow last year, and I was surprised at how decent the salads were, at least at the Cambridgeside location.

        I have also enjoyed Houston's salads, which is near the Vault part of town. The club salad has been very filling.

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          Big second for Houston's. Hate to recommend a chain, but I really do love the salads there. Nicely sized, with some not-so-common choices ("spicy tuna roll" seared ahi tuna salad and the spicy Thai steak salad), as well as nice takes on the old reliables (Ceasar, club).

          If you're ok to check out the other side of the river, Christopher's in Porter Square has a pretty good salad menu. Again, they have all the usual suspects, as well as some tasty choices like a mesclun, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomato.

          Probably not a good fit for your request, but City Slicker Cafe in Somerville does some surprisingly tasty upscale, customizable salads considering it's essentially a glorified neighborhood pizza joint. Their baby spinach salad starts with roasted portabellas and sun-dried tomatoes; I like to add steak tips and goat cheese, but there are a ton of other great options as well. Not a dive, but not really a haven't-seen-someone-in-over-a-year kind of a place either.

        2. thanks for the recs! i was actually thinking about Houston but couldn't remember how extensive their salad offerings were (haven't been there in over a year but i do recall enjoying their salads)... *sigh* i was hoping Tossed would be like another NYC chain, Chopped, but i guess i got excited too soon...

          i'll let her choose btw Houston and Cheesecake since I've liked both places' salads in the past...

          thanks again! \(^-^)/

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            If the lines are too long at Cheesecake factory, you might try California Pizza. I prefer their big salads and you can eat at the bar quite comfortably. Still a chain but less hype IMHO.

            1. re: ginnyhw

              I agree, CPK is a great option for salads. They have a number of different options and come in full and half size portions. The grilled veggie salad is a favorite of mine, and they have a good cobb and bbq chicken salad as well!