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Oct 15, 2007 09:43 PM

Portland Turkeys

I'm about to host my first PNW Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping to source a fabulous local/regional fresh turkey. I moved up from the bay area, so I'm familiar with N California fresh turkeys and figure that I can probably find at least a Diestel somewhere, but would love to find something a bit closer to home, and if a heritage breed and responsibly raised and slaughtered, all the better. Any suggestions on a local turkey farm and/or where I can buy a regional bird?


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  1. I think New Seasons has Diestel, but another board suggests that Viande has turkeys for the holidays:

    1. Local Harvest has a search tool on their home page that allows you to look up items by name ('turkey') and by city, state, zip. I did a search and it came up with three local farmers that supply heritage, free-range, organic and/or sustainable farmed turkeys.

      1. Go to the butcher counter at Zupan's and order one of their free range turkeys. They are DELICIOUS! You have to pre-order and they usually start taking orders about now or around Halloween. I drive 30 miles round trip just to get my turkey from them...not that it is that far, but we great groceries within a mile from us.

        1. you might try Viande, I've heard they'll have turkey, ham & even turducken!

          1. If you haven't found one yet--I just happened across a Pastaworks newsletter ( which says:

            Pastaworks (Hawthorne only) is pleased to
            offer you organically raised heritage breed turkeys from Scio’s Harmony J.A.C.K.
            farm this Thanksgiving. Bred from Bourbon Red, American Bronze, Slate and
            Naragansett breeds, Harmony J.A.C.K.’s birds will weigh in from 8 to 16 lbs. Cost
            is $4 per pound. You can order your bird by calling the Hawthorne store @ 503
            232-1010 and asking for the meat counter.