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Oct 15, 2007 09:25 PM

Korean - Birmingham - Suggestions Please!

I am from out of town. Any Korean restaurants in this area? Want to impress a visitor from Korea, a potential client.

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  1. There are only 3 korean restaurants in b'ham that I know of--Seoul Restaurant and the Asian Market cafe, both on Greensprings and Ginza on Valleydale Road off Hwy 280. I do not care for Seoul at all since they switched owners about a year and a half ago. It's also more of a casual cafe. The cafe in the Asian Market is definitely a hole in the wall, not to impress at all. Good food but decor is lacking and it is more of a comfort food place. I would take the visitor to Ginza where they have the korean bbq tables. They also have a japanese menu and sushi. I am korean and they have great banchan to go along w/the bbq entrees. It's a nice restaurant and is only about a year or so old.

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      Just a thought, since I have not been to any of the three aforementioned Korean restaurants: If you are trying to impress a potential client, you might be better off taking him or her to the best restaurant in town, rather than the best Korean restaurant in town. Really great Asian resturants are one thing that Birmingham does not have an abundance of.

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        Good point, pinotboy. However, Ginza is a nice restaurant, not white table cloth nice like Highlands or Bottega, but still has really good quality food. It depends on the visitor and what the host wants to display. I could understand, however, wanting to show the guest to a korean place. I'm almost positive it's owned by koreans and a lot of koreans go there in addition to the non-asian population.

    2. Thanks. Went to Ginza. Great food, great service, reasonable prices. My client was impressed. Will go back!!

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        What did you get? I want to try Ginza soon.

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          I think my favorite bbq dish there is the spicy beef. It's very flavorful. I haven't tried their sushi yet. The gyoza are unremarkable--most likely frozen.

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            Oh my gosh I'm so excited to hear that there is a Korean restaurant in Birmingham...I lived there for 2 years and really miss the food, language and people. Could you please give directions to this place from New Street? Thank you :-)

            1. re: picks87

              Here's Ginza's address. Maybe you can do a mapquest/google map starting from your address and ending up here:

              5291 Valleydale Rd.
              Suite 101
              Birmingham, AL 35242

              My husband and I love the sushi and the food we've ordered from the kitchen there. Haven't tried to BBQ our own yet. That's coming next time, he promises me.