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Passion Fruit

Has anyone seen fresh (NOT frozen, or canned, or bottled) passion fruit anywhere in the Bay Area? No, AVP doesn't have them. When I lived on the East Coast, I used to get them at Whole Paycheck, but I've yet to find them for sale out here. Torani Passion Fruit syrup only goes so far.

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  1. I have definitely seen passionfruit/lilikoi at Berkeley Bowl from time to time...

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      I have also seen them at Berkeley Bowl, and I think I've seen them once or twice at Safeway (Potrero Center - 16th and Potrero). However, most passion fruit I've seen at big supermarket chains (both here and in New England) have been very small and expensive.

    2. And of course, Monterey Market. However, I don't think I have seen them recently. I don't know when the season is.

      1. I am pretty sure I saw some at Rainbow last week...

        1. You can often find them (from New Zealand)--for $4 each, believe it or not--at the yuppie grocery store in San Mateo--I think it's a Draegers.

          I planted a vine that I bought from the Alemany Farmers Market in June in a pot on my balcony--it's already got a few fruits on it; that's my plan.

          1. They're often at Berkeley Bowl. I bought a few when I was there two weeks ago.

            1. This probably doens't help you that much but I know they do have fresh passion fruit in the Bay Area. My company provides us with fresh fruit on Mondays and I had my first fresh passion fruit yesterday. We get them from The Fruit Guys so I'm sure there's a source somewhere here...at least you know it's available.

              1. I can confidently report that it grows and fruits with great enthusiasm in Alameda. If you aren't careful, the vine will eat your house.

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                  What's that address? :)

                  Being a local food advocate, I have been bugging my farmers to grow it. So far, I've only been able to pick up California grown passion fruit from farmers in Southern California (Ventura County + San Diego County grown)

                2. I saw some at the Berkeley Bowl last week.

                  1. Has there been any recent fresh passion fruit sightings recently? I'm in SF but will travel.


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                      I saw some nice looking ones at Andronico's in the Inner Sunset this week. They were "on sale" for about $2 or $3 each....so, even at the sale price, definitely not cheap.

                      They also had some nice looking starfruit.