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Oct 15, 2007 08:46 PM

suama mochi supposed to be salty? [Split from thread on Calif]

cgfan, this has nothing to do w/ your post (and I'm sure it'll be deleted), but is suama mochi supposed to be salty?? I got some suama mini balls from Nijiya (the Hogetsu brand from Chula Vista) and they were salty. Nothing like what I got at Fugetsu-do (absolute perfection)!

thanks for any enlightenment!

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  1. daantaat: Looks like your post survived and took up a new home as a new thread!

    I can't imagine suama being salty, but I believe I've had the suama "mini balls" that you refer to. Not very compelling, and yes, nothing like Fugetsu-do's.

    What I can recall is that the texture is just not there, but then again just about any namagashi in distribution seems to have an off texture. There's nothing like going to the source, and when we were growing up we would almost never buy our namagashi at the market. I forget who mentioned this, but perhaps things are much better right in their shop. Since Chula Vista is way out of the way for me I haven't yet made the trip.

    Just how salty was it?

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      cgfan--I was hoping you'd see my post!

      Hogetsu-do's texture was very similar to Fugetsu-do's, which made me happy. The salty part REALLY threw me off. It was obviously salty, just on that edge where I'd think about grabbing some water to go with it. I would put the saltiness on the same scale as a Ritz cracker, if that helps.