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Oct 15, 2007 07:55 PM

Vegetarian or independent meat in Denver

A colleague and I will have one free night in Denver. We are staying at the Marriott downtown, although we wouldn't mind taking public transportation or a cab. We are looking for a place that meets the following criteria:

1. Very good, in any price range (snazzy places, holes in the wall, ethnic places, whatever)
2. Offers good options that do not involve factory-farmed meat--either because there are good vegetarian or fish options or because there are good grass-fed meat options
3. Is reasonably convenient from downtown Denver. As I indicated above, it need not be within walking distance (although that would be great) but we just have the evening and won't have a car.

Go to it!

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  1. A lot of restaurants in Denver serve meat from local ranchers and farmers. A couple of suggestions:


    (both are a short cab ride from downtown)

    1. Watercourse Foods on 17th east of downtown is all vegetarian and very good. Great atmoshphere also. Jax seafood downtown has a great fresh fish selection (hence the name). I can't advise on the grass-fed beef as I don't eat much meat.

      1. The Denver Post recently ran a piece on area restaurants that use local ingredients--my guess is that the meat at these restaurants would not include factory-farmed meat. Duo, Potager, and Z Cuisine would all be a relatively short ride from the Mariott Downtown (Potager being the closest). Tables is not far away from your hotel and also features locally-grown products. My new favorite restaurant here is Deluxe, also not a long cab ride from your hotel--you could call ahead (303-722-1550) and ask about the source of their meat.