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Oct 15, 2007 07:46 PM

Out of town cousin is visiting

My cousin from France is in town and we're thinking of doing lunch together. We will be on the U of T campus (St. George). What restaurants would you recommend in either the Kensington Market or along Baldwin St? (Or maybe even the Annex...I'm not quite familiar with the area there though) The place should be student friendly, and we would prefer not to have chinese (we get that everyday at home). Thanks!

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  1. For sit down, you could try Malaysian food at Matahari Grill on Baldwin. Very student friendly.

    For casual Latin American food, head to Kensington Market and hit Jumbo Empanada or El Trompo. The pupusas at Emporium Latina are great (and cheap! $2.50!), but it's not really a sit down place -- you order the food at the back of a small grocery store.

    1. I feel like a broken record saying it, but I love this place, so I don't mind. How about Matahari Grill on Baldwin? The best food on the strip in my opinion.

      Excellent food. Slightly slow service, so budget 90 minutes or so for lunch and probably a couple hours for dinner. The desserts are great - save some room.

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        +1 on Matahari Grill and agree with the comments about the food and service. I don't care for the room, but that's a personal thing.

      2. Rice Bar in Kensington (also has a new sandwich shop on site) -

        1. What about the Gallery Grill in Hart House...very good food, beautiful setting.

          1. Student friendly? What about Sushi Inn on Cumberland: I like their Sashimi combos, good quality and reasonable price.

            Jamie Kennedy at Gardiner (Museum of Ceramic Arts): is also close. However, I haven't been there yet.

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              Sushi Inn = student friendly, but unfortunately does not = good sushi in my opinion

              I like By the Way Cafe and Hana Korea on Balwin. Better than Hana Korea though, if you can go a bit west on Bloor, west of Bathurst, I just had a fantastic meal at Buk Chang Don Soon Tofu. Casual, very cheap, great food.