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Oct 15, 2007 07:35 PM

The Tootie Pie Company

Well, I have to admit, with a name like that, how could one resist? I heard of this recently and went to their website....the pies look delicious, and cost a pretty penny to boot. Anyone eaten a Tootie Pie? Can you recommend them? Thanks

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  1. I have had the apple, the bittermilk, and the coconut and they were all wonderful. The apple is huge and I think the press on it boasts that there are 10 apples in every pie! The coconut pie shares a lot of the same flavors as the buttermilk, and is topped with toasted cococnut instead of meringue. Very good.

    However, what I liked most was the convenience. Two of the slices were from frozen pies that I had let thaw out and the flavors nor textures were compromised.

    1. It sounded interesting, but I'm not sure this would go over too well:

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        Don't let the fact that Sysco helps distribute them discourage you. This would typically make me skeptical too, but I have had the pies and tasted the quality myself.

        Here is my understanding of how Tootie Pie came to be...
        Tootie was a grandma that made the pies in her bakery. She was ready to retire and put the bakery up for sell. A man bought the bakery, but Tootie's daughter (grand daughter?) is still there in charge of quality control and baking. She sticks around to make sure the pies stay consistent with her relative's standards.

        Sysco helps distribute them to a few local restaurants in the Austin/San Antonio area but I do not think Tootie Pie is anywhere outside Texas. When my parents have sent them as gifts, the pies came in a nice box and not in some generic food service wrapping.

        1. re: Honey Bee

          Thanks Honey Bee. I actually like Sysco products (their creamed corn has sugar in it, which I like) but remember reading here a bias against them. The pies on their site certainly look good, I would give them a try.

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            Intrigued by your post, I looked into other suppliers that use Sysco as a distributer and found some quality brands such as Niman Rach, Murray Cheese, Mozzerella Co, Charlie Trotter, and Dagoba.
            I think Sysco (which brings up negative images for many of us) is simply a good way for a small product to be transported.