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Oct 15, 2007 07:07 PM

Hash House in LV -- Hold the "A Go Go"

With all the attention given to Hash House A Go Go, it's weird to contemplate that it probably is not the best breakfast place with "Hash House" in its title on the West Side of LV. In fact, you might have a hard time finding a better breakfast than one of the hashes at Hash House, a midwestern-style breakfast and lunch joint, which is located at 2605 S. Decatur, just south of Sahara.

Surely, the hash at Hash House puts the corned beef hash at Bouchon to shame, and at half the price. I've only been there once, and was tipped to it by Chowhound Poly, who I sent next door to check out Taco Cartel (which closed but is transforming itself into another Mexican eatery).

One of the attractions of the Hash House is that it serves breakfast "all day" (actually, it is open only from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.). HH offers excellent homemade breads and jams (including jalapeno and habanero). They also bake cinnamon sweet rolls, but they were out when I arrived after noon. Another plus is the service. As Poly told me, every table seemed to be occupied by regulars, and repartee was flying between the waitresses and the customers. My waitress was gentle with this newbie.

I loved Hash House.

Hash House
2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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  1. i guess i have to give hash house a 2nd try - i am fond of the Hash house a go go - i think the benedicts and hash dishes are very creative for breakfast - i reported on the hash house awhile ago ( w/ pics ) - it is the kind of place that i want to like - very homey, but my spin - it was okay but i felt like there was a person in the back, measuring exact portions before putting it on the plate - i thought the price was high for the portion - but like i've preached before, can't give a place a thumbs down based on one visit alone - we all have bad days. and i have a hard time making a comparison to bouchon ...heck , i can only imagine the overhead at bouchon vs. Hash's kinda hard to find "value" at any restaurant in venetian, bellagio etc....

    i gotta make a trip back to try the cinnamon sweet rolls !!

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      I wasn't criticizing the prices at Bouchon, which, though high, aren't out of line compared to its peers.

      And just as you are loathe to judge a place after one visit, maybe I should have been more circumspect myself. I did love the hash, though (I ate the "super hash," which combined corned beef, turkey, ham, and roast beef). The hash browns weren't as great as I had hoped. But besides the hash, what sold me on the place was the homemade rye bread, which had the texture of a thick-sliced wheat bread, with a strong rye bread. The habanero jelly was pretty great, too. I thought the portions were more than generous. I couldn't finish everything, but I made quite a dent.

      I *thought* there was a post about Hash House before. I looked in the search engine but still couldn't see it.

    2. The fact they bake their own bread wouldn't be noteworthy if it were only the standard baked sweet breads like banana breads. But they bake loafs of bread used for breakfast toast like rye and even a low carb (low sugar) bread. Also, jars of their canned jams and jellies are available for sale to take home (strawberry rhubarb, apple jalapeno, peach something rather).

      Glad you liked it Dave - sorry, you're already gone and I missed LOS with you. :(