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Oct 15, 2007 06:36 PM

what's good in georgetown, not overly $$$


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  1. Pizzaria Paradiso is excellent and inexpensive. Moving up the scale is Bistro Lepic (the wine bar) and Hook. They may be more than you want to spend, but check the menus online. Lots of mediocre food in G'town.

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      I always liked Miss Saigon. Not earth-shattering. But good Vietnamese food. Not too expensive, good service, nice room...

    2. Happy Hour at Sea Catch. Discounted drinks, including their house-infused vodkas, and $1 oysters. And the bar is gorgeous.

      1. I second the Paradiso recommendation. I've also had some decent meals at Cafe LaRuche, the French place on 31st Street below M. The ambience is rather basic, but it's a good place to grab a bite and very reasonably priced. It's certainly better than the other dreadful places on that block, imho.

        If you like Indian (particularly dosas and other South Indian fare), there is Amma, which serves very good and cheap South Indian vegetarian on M Street. Again, the decor is very basic - but the food is excellent.

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          I second Cafe LaRuche and Amma. I'll add Moby Dick and Georgetown's Townhouse for basic Middle Eastern and Thomas Sweets for ice cream or yogurt.

        2. Pizzeria Paradiso
          Paparazzi for Italian....I love their lobster ravioli
          Peacock Cafe

          Wow as I sit here thinking, there really is a lack of really good eats in gtown.

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            Paparazzi really? I haven't eaten there in over 2 years because my last few meals there were so terrible. You are much better off heading across the street and getting the hand-made ravioli made by the Pasta Mama's at Filomena. (Moderatly priced).

            Pizza Paradiso is a good recommendation as is Cafe La Ruche. I personally also like Bistro Francais.

            For a cheap eats lunch place there is the new Sweet Green. I really like their salads.

            My favorite new restaurant in DC is Hook. It's not cheap but its not overly expensive either. On the higher end of moderate I guess you could say...but seriously worth it. For 2 people it will probably be around $100 depending on how much food you order, wine etc.

          2. La Chaumiere - if you don't mind perhaps being the youngest person in the room - the atmosphere is cozy and the food is very good.