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Apr 13, 2006 11:15 AM

Best Prime Rib - Other than HOPR

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Does anyone have any favorites? House of Prime Rib is great, but, sometimes a restaurant with a broader menu appeals to those in a party who want more than just prime rib. Thanks.

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  1. Houston's and Daily Grill both have good prime ribs and a more varied menu. Last time I was at Houston's I remember actually thinking the PR might have been better than my last HOPR trip.

    1. Izzy's in SF and San Carlos. Good prime rib, steaks and seafood.

      1. Best I've had is Izzy's in the Marina and Sundance in Palo Alto.

        I've been to HOPR multiple times and I believe that both Sundance and Izzy's are vastly superior

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          I love Sundance Mine Company... they also have this coffee ice cream dessert that was very good as well.

        2. If you are willing to travel across the Bay Bridge and do not mind the kitschy feel, Skates actually has a really good PR. It might be the best thing on their menu. It is also an amazing place to sit and watch the sunset. If you are a deuce or three top, you can sit in the bar and eat from the dinner menu. (It is much easier to get a window table in the bar)
          I have not been since last summer, but the rest of the menu is pretty much just so so. Definitely not a destination spot, but the salt roasted prime rib is tender and really flavorful, they have a good beer selection and a great view to enjoy with your meal.