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Oct 15, 2007 06:05 PM

Thanksgiving in Columbus, OH

I will be hosting a large (50 or so) group for Thanksgiving dinner in Columbus,OH. We're all there for work before and after the holiday and are stuck not being able to travel home so I want to host something nice. The company is paying so cost, while obviously considered, is not an overriding factor. Here are my parameters: downtown close to the Hyatt, large enough to be able to accommodate the group but still have some ambiance, a solid chef that will do or usually does an interesting riff on Thanksgiving Dinner. I am very reticent about using one of the hotels as I have had horrible experiences with hotel catering and spaces. I'll admit that I'm a New Yorker and expect a certain level of quality and service that I just don't know if I'm going to be able to find in Columbus. Suggestions?

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  1. There are lots of places that are near downtown that would do a good job for Thanksgiving, but the 50 people is the issue. I suggest you call Lindey's in German Village, about 10-15 min from downtown, they have a party room, not sure how large. Barcelona, also in German Village, might do it if you book the whole restaurant. Can't think of any place in Short North that would accommodate 50 people, but maybe others might. Those would be the closest to Hyatt, including the Arena district.

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      Lindey's German Village has banquet space that will suit a party of 50. We had our (small) wedding dinner there in the main banquet room - The Mohawk (holds up to 60). They will customize your menu to an extent. They added an amuse bouche for us and modified a couple of their standard offerings at our request. Food was very good and the place is charming. They also paired wines for several courses for us.

      I've never been there on a holiday. You'll need to inquire as to whether they're open on Thanksgiving.

    2. Try the Claremont (just south of downtown on High Street). It's very "old school." I don't know if it has a private room, but if you book early enough, it may be able to accommodate your group. There's a new restaurant in the big hotel that used to be the Adams Mark (sorry I don't know the name, it's downtown) called Latitude 41 that has been getting good reviews - a notch above the typical restaurant fare/ambiance. If you call Lemongrass, a thai/fusion place in the Short North, you might be able to convince them, with a group your size, to do something special. The owner is really nice and the food is good (though not at all anything like a traditional Thanksgiving). You might want to check to see if the Refectory is open - about a 12 minute drive up I-315.

      1. go to which has a lisiting of a number of resturaunts in Columbus and a number of them are in the downtown, german village, victorian village, grandview area and they are all smaller locally owned places. you can then ask what they are doing. Any one of these places would be wonderful. You could also try Confluence Park, which has a wonderful view of downtown....