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Seafood & some atmosphere in South Beach?

ashley117 Oct 15, 2007 05:52 PM

We are going to be staying in South Beach for only one night & want to have some great seafood (we're from Phoenix!)
Don't necessarily want to spend a fortune, something more mid-range would be better.
Would love to sit outside, maybe have a view,... but also want some great seafood.
(Someplace with a good lobster bisque would be heaven!)
Any suggestions?

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    theflytyr RE: ashley117 Oct 15, 2007 06:15 PM

    South Beach, mid-range, seafood and GOOD don't equate in my experience. Add "outside with a view" and I believe you have eliminated any possibilities. Joe's Stone Crab is the epitome of classy south beach seafood joint and personally I don't think you can do better......but it is expensive. As for lobster bisque, well I can't help you there but I am sure many on this board can. Maybe if you tell us what is the most important criteria of the seafood restaurant you desire is and we can help you, ie. "mid-range, outside w/view, south beach location etc.

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      ashley117 RE: theflytyr Oct 15, 2007 06:22 PM

      I guess a balance would be the best. I think we'd like to experience a little bit of South Beach, and since I doubt we'll be headed out clubbing,... I hate to bury ourselves in a restaurant for the evening. Maybe the best seafood we can find with an outdoor/people watching dining area. If the price goes into a higher range, it won't be the end of the world. So- some good seafood with a nice outdoor seating area?

    2. Miami Danny RE: ashley117 Oct 15, 2007 06:49 PM

      Two words-Rusty Pelican

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        lax2mia RE: Miami Danny Oct 16, 2007 06:34 AM

        That fulfills the view requirement, possibly the mid-range price requirement, but the great seafood requirement, no way.

        1. re: Miami Danny
          mikek RE: Miami Danny Oct 18, 2007 07:16 AM

          The food is really sub-par there.

        2. t
          tpigeon RE: ashley117 Oct 15, 2007 09:05 PM

          I'd do Le Bon during happy hour. Hope you like mussles.

          I'd get the lobster bisque for lunch @ p112. Theirs is very very good but pretty expensive $18.

          Altamar has better seafood but won't have quite the people watching lebon will.

          1. c
            ciao_hound RE: ashley117 Oct 18, 2007 06:24 AM

            Oh, boy, "mid-range seafood" doesn't exist on Miami Beach. On the lower end, Monty's is at the Miami Beach Marina and they have a raw bar, conch fritters, mahi sandwiches, and conch salad. Moving up would be Grillfish on Espanola, which is a true seafood restaurant, but it's not outside and the ambiance isn't super duper. Moving up from that would be Nemo on 1st St (inside or outside), which has an amazing 5 spice tuna tartare and awesome Giant Crispy Prawns (among other things). Moving up from there would be Prime 112 on Ocean (inside or outside), which has all sorts of great seafood (prawns, tuna tartare, etc), but the Chilean Sea Bass literally melts in your mouth - it's insane. Good luck!

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            1. re: ciao_hound
              mialebven RE: ciao_hound Oct 18, 2007 07:14 AM

              I think Grillfish is a good choice. I have heard a lot of compliments regarding Grillfish.

            2. c
              chow003 RE: ashley117 Oct 18, 2007 06:59 AM

              Remember you get what you pay for. If you want good seafood your going to pay the price.

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