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Oct 15, 2007 05:33 PM

Fun Mex Restaurant for BDay Party-15-20 people


I am looking for a place to host a fun birthday party for about 15-20 people in West LA, WeHo, etc...Food should be good (doesn't have to be fabulous), great margaritas and a good atmosphere. Need to be able to make a reservation.

Thanks in advance for the tips!

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  1. Can't think of any place that fills this bill other than either El Coyote or El Cholo. Food's better at El Cholo, atmosphere more - aaahhhh, FESTIVE at El Coyote. As I've said much too often, it is the Buca di Beppo of Mexican restaurants. Never had more than a passable meal at El Coyote (please don't take that as a pun!), but I've had some really good fun. Yes, and I like the margs. Pitchers and pitchers of them...

    1. I had a birthday party at Marix in Santa Monica that was very fun.

      1. El Cholo and Marix are good choices for your area. They definitely have that fun atmosphere you're looking for. There's also Antonio's on Melrose. If you can venture a little further to Santa Monica, I'm sure Border Grill can accomodate you.

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          I'd go for El Compadre.

          El Compadre Restaurant
          7408 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        2. The Spanish Kitchen (Santa Monica/La Cienega) will easily accommodate you, as will Malo (Sunset/Fountain). Food's better at Malo but TSK has a more festive atmosphere.

          1. I've had a party at The Talpa, with about 25 people. Don Antonio's can also do it. La Cabana's patio, too.