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Oct 15, 2007 04:58 PM

Best "BIG" Salads in TO???

Just call me Elaine. I'm looking for BIG, fresh and healthy salads in TO for those days when I need something healthy and I either don't want to make lunch and/or dinner. Yup, I'm looking for the BIG, well-rounded take-out salad. Buffets are okay as well, as long as I can do take-out. I live uptown, but it would be great to have a good cross-section of places to choose from in the GTA. Thanks!

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  1. A topic close to my healthy heart!!

    Salad Spa (Eglinton east of Yonge) is make-your-own, great unlimited veg choices and lots of dressings and greens to choose from. take out or eat-in.
    Some people on the board also like Lettuce Eatery (Yonge north of St.Clair) which is the same deal, pricier and only 4 choices for toppings. Not a fan myself.
    And, I'm just putting it out there....Pickle Barrel. Eat-in has a huge variety, and the takeout location in the Yonge/Eg centre has some good pre-packaged ones too. Luau Chicken is a fave.
    I have had good non-lettuce salads at Whole Foods Hazelton Lanes salad bar and the Noah's lunch counter in the Bloor/Spadina, the former pricier than the latter, but well, well worth it. Oh man the artichoke hearts kill me. I also don't mind packaged/deli salads from Summerhill Market, and even Loblaws, Dominion and Sobey's in a pinch.
    That should get your started...

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      What-a-Bagel, Y&Eg, has good 'make-your-own' salads. I find them expensive, though. Should you want something healthy and crunchy for lunch, in the same area, why not cross the street and go to Dominion's? They have ready-made salads with sauce in a container. Not cheap, compared to what you could make yourself at home.

    2. I agree with LaurenLemon - if you get them fresh, the salads at the Pickel Barrel are pretty good.
      Fresh - Commerce Court Concourse, near the escalator to the CCW building
      Again, if you get it when it's fresh - the salad bar at Sierra Grill (formerly Sunshine's) at Bayview Village is good - don't recommend anything else on the menu though.
      If you are looking for big - Dr. Deli at Dufferin and Steeles - southeast plaza.

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      1. re: pescatarian

        Funny, but the old Sunshine's is what made me think of this query. I had just done an IKEA stop and I was starving, but had that feeling in my stomach that said green and fresh... I believe they used to have an awesome salad bar. I actually drove past the Sierra Grill tonight and thought about dropping in, but it looked like it might be a bit pricey and I wasn't feeling like spending a lot of dough. Will check out all though - I'll be also dreaming about Dr. Deli. Thanks to all!

        1. re: Moimoi

          Sierra Grill left the salad bar pretty much identical to when it was Sunshine's. I find the quality varies. I've been there when it was very fresh and great - and other times not so much. It's best not to go to late in the evening when it's not being turned over a lot. Once in awhile it's still a great salad bar though.
          Enjoy ;-)

      2. I like the spinach salad from Costco. Baby spinach leaves, egg slices, grated cheese, grape tomatoes and two packs of Renées poppy seed salad dressing. It's large and satisfying, and I think it's pretty healthy, as salads go.

        1. The chop-chop salad at the New York deli. It's not exotique - but it's fresh, large, and you can doctor it up to some specifications.

          1. perhaps an odd suggestion, but the mill st brewpub in the distillery district has very large salads. they're upwards of $10 but are stacked with items and absolutely gigantic. the steak cobb salad came with strips of perfectly cooked to order steak and was impossible to finish.

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            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Perhaps another odd suggestion, if you're in the Bloor West Village area, Dr. Generosity's (2197 Bloor St. W) (what an awful name for a restaurant!) has really great big meal-size salads. I really like the Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese Salad with lemon basil vinaigrette and the Grilled Beef Salad. They offer a take-out service, as well.