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Oct 15, 2007 04:11 PM

Unusual Icebox Cookies?

I've promised to bring cookies to the next meeting of a group I'm in, and I need some ideas! Last week, I tried out some great chewy ginger cookies and sables korova/worldpeace cookies to rave reviews. However, I've now set the bar a bit high!

As I'm a single woman who can't eat many cookies on her own, I need some ideas for icebox cookies (so I can freeze some of the dough for later), and they should be a bit different, not just delicious (i.e. not just plain chocolate chip or sugar cookies). I'm thinking maybe something along the lines of tea-infused or unusual spices, but anything special is welcome. Any ideas?

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  1. Did you happen to see this recipe: I just made these the other day - they were super tasty. After following the recipe, my one recommendation is chop the Ibarra chocolate very finely; larger bits make it difficult to slice through the refrigerated dough.

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      These look really interesting, I'll add them to the list of possibilities :)

    2. Also known as World Peace Cookies in Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours. Totally amazing ice box cookie.

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        Glad to see you're posting. I was afraid that you'd been consumed by your new job. How's the pressure cooking going?

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          Yup, as I mentioned in my post, I tried these out last week, and they really are amazing, definitely a new permanent addition to my repertoire! But I'm reluctant to make them twice for the same group within a week...

        2. Great idea! I should start a few cookie logs for my freezer, too.

          Here's a recipe for Earl Grey icebox cookies. I've also used Jasmine tea:

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