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Oct 15, 2007 03:08 PM

Need recs for catering in San Diego

My fiance' and I are in the process of choosing a caterer for our wedding next summer. Our budget is a bit tight and we're looking to have more of a cocktail party style wedding reception. We're hoping to have some interesting and unique hors d'oeuvres (lighter fare and some more substaintial) served. I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Also, I did a search for "caterer" and "san diego" and the search feature is frustrating because the query returns any post that has the phrases 'caters to' or 'catering to such and such'. Is there a way to limit my search responses to contain only those that have the exact word 'caterer'?


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  1. go to Google and type in "San Diego Catering" with Quotation Marks around it and you will find it that way. Then change your search slightly and put "San Diego Caterer" and see if someone else pops up.

    But whatever you do, make sure you get names of former clients or references and also, check their name by googling it too. They might have some feedback (both positive and negative) for you to look over...

    How many guests are you going to serve? What area of the county do you live in?

    I haven't tried it but there is a place on the coast highway in Solana Beach area I think (sorry I don't know the name...) that I saw that looked like a nice catering place (it also looked like you could eat lunch there???), so maybe you could go sample some things.

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      are you referring to Waters Catering? They've been mentioned on the board, have a few locations and one is off Hwy 101 in Solana Beach.

    2. Waters is wonderful - top notch artisanal, organic, local ingredients, etc. They have a storefront in Solana Beach and one near their catering kitchen near Morena Blvd. If you want to use them you should contact them asap, they are very busy - and also very expensive.

      Festivities has done a nice job with a couple of weddings I have been to - it's a local family owned business. French Gourmet also does a good job (especially for cocktail type stuff) and is much more budget friendly.

      1. Carrie Andrews Catering did a cocktail party style wedding that I attended in Del Cerro a few years ago, and then we had her do my husband's 40th birthday party. She makes fun hors d'oeuvres- her shrimp shui mai and wasabi cheese puffs were huge hits. She also did more substantial apps like mini crab cakes, brie and mango quesadillas, and chicken skewers. She was a huge hit, but is sort of retro- no website and operates by fax. Her number is 619-286-8376.

        1. Not quite knowing your requirements makes this a bit difficult.

          Why don't you check out Metro Gourmet.

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            Sorry for not making my requirements a bit more clear.

            We're looking at 100 guests, $~40/guest for food, servers & a bartender is what we are shooting for. We will be providing the alcohol.

            Thanks to all for the recs thus far!

          2. I have heard good things about these guys:

            Not sure on their pricing, but supposed to be good food.