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Oct 15, 2007 03:05 PM

[PDX] 3 days - Downtown Recommendations?

OK, I've definitely done a bit of my own research, but I'm just fishing for a couple more suggestions. 2 late 30s guys, neither has been to Portland, (one from SF, one from Santa Barbara) will be coming up Saturday-Monday. Staying at the Downtown Hilton (SW 6th) and hoping to find food/drink within walking distance of the hotel (we're urban walkers, so a generous 1-mile radius is easily walking distance).

Thinking of dinner one night (Sat or Sun) at Clyde Common and lunch Sunday at Silk.

Need recommendation for (A) one more dinner & (B) breakfasts (bakery/cafe ok)

- Curious about Toro Bravo & Pok Pok, but is it worth attempting either drive if we don't know our way around?
- In downtown, considering Pazzo, Murata or Hiroshi
- Any great tapas downtown?
- dinner price range: we want to keep our second dinner kind of reasonable (<$30/person total)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanks for doing some research, as opposed to the shooting blind open-ended question "What's great?" =p

    Breakfast/Bakery: Bijou Cafe, Pearl Bakery, Ken's Artisan Bakery (streetcar) or Mother's Bistro.
    Hiroshi is outstanding, on the creative innovative side. Very expensive so consider getting just a few appetizers, be verrry disciplined, and eat the rest elsewhere.
    Remember that Portland blocks are small. 20=mile.
    Pok Pok is absolutely worth it, a quick easy drive over the Hawthorne bridge, should not at all be a barrier. Or take the bus, also really easy.

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      Toro Bravo is also pretty easy to get to by bus--the #6 runs every 15 minutes, and it's walkable from the Interstate MAX line. I would only go there or to Tapeo for tapas and not anyplace downtown. It would be a hard choice between pok pok and toro bravo--pok pok is unique, but it might be a long wait for a table after their prominent mention in the New York TImes (although I would expect both to be pretty busy on a weekend night). Toro Bravo is a bigger and has lots of seating for two.

      My preferred breakfast would be Stumptown for excellent coffee and pastries, but I'm not really a breakfast person.

      1. re: Nettie

        Correction: In addition to Toro Bravo, I meant Patanegra for tapas, not Tapeo, which has been closed for several years.

    2. If it helps, I've finally uploaded pictures I took from various Portland eateries during my recent visit north. Clyde Common is definitely my favorite in terms of total package in a restaurant, so I'm glad you're hitting them up.



      1. I think a couple of guys would love to sit at the open kitchen at Le Pigeon. Did it the other night and it was a blast...food and wine most excellent.

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          1. Try Kenny & Zuke's (SW11th and Stark) deli for dinner or breakfast. They should be open starting today (soft opening, anyway) - but closed Sunday eve.


            503.222.DELI (3354


            And yeah, Toro Bravo is totally worth it.