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Oct 15, 2007 03:01 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Mississauga??, Quiet, two people, romantic, great food and atmosphere??

It will be on a Saturday night.


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  1. Head down to Port Credit; lots of options there. Colossus would be great, it’s Greek food. They have excellent Greek wine as well. Get the saganaki! Flaming goat chz, yum! There is also Italian, Aielli Ristorante, and Hooks Grill for seafood. I would definitely make a reservation with any of these places.

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    1. re: Lemonii

      Port Credit is a great place and so is Colossus, but it might be a little bit loud

      Try Lago, a little bit more expensive than the others but worth it. They also have a nice lounge called Shore Lounge attached.

    2. I have tried to get into the Mississauga dining scene since moving here 4 years ago but.. it's tough.

      Rosewood Bistro is nice:

      Like above poster said, Port Credit is probably the best area to try.

      1. I haven't been in a few years but you might want to check into Barbizon restaurant at Hurontario & Eglinton. I was not a fan of Lago when I had dinner there, but have enjoyed Aielli Ristorante on Lakeshore. If you end up at Aielli, order the chef's 3 appetizer plate. Last time one of my apps was bison.

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          Been to Barbizon once and it was awful. No other patrons on a Saturday night, slow service, musty room, gross food.

        2. Verdi on Derry Rd would be a perfect spot. Very good Italian, nice room, great service, quiet, romantic. But, it's north-east of the airport which is far from the residential areas of Mississauga, which are more south-west of the airport.

          I've only been there for lunch, if you are interested you might want to make sure that they are open for dinner.

          1. Piatto on Dundas just east of Mississauga Rd(Erindale Park area) isn't bad--usually quieter than the PC joints on a Sat. nite, too.