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Oct 15, 2007 02:56 PM

Traveling to Savannah Nov 4-9. Need veggie options!

I'm traveling to Savannah in about three weeks for a conference. As a vegetarian, I'm a little scared. Is there good veggie food in Savannah? Or am I going to have to throw in the towel and embrace the bacon grease-soaked collard greens?

thanks everyone!

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  1. As a produce wholesaler, I would be happy to recommend a few spots. However, As a swine worshippin' Southern Boy I say throw in the towel. Here's where some outstanding Vegetarian dishes, not yer average b.s. grilled portabella, can be found: Sapphire Grill $$$$$, 45 Bistro $$$$, Local1110 $$$, Skylar's $$$, JazzTapas $$$, Zunzi's $$, Season's Japanese Bistro $$. Enjoy.

    1. On a recent trip to Savannah we ate at a neighborhood place called Firefly Grill on Troup Square which was nice and had veggie options. Also moderately priced.

      1. I found savannah to be quite lacking in restaurant quality. My wife and I had traveled to Charelston a couple of years ago and were looking forward to Savannah maybe being along the same lines. Although, I didn't have the chance to eat at sapphire and I have heard some awesome things about it.

        1. I could go on forever about the splendor of Savannah dining! Jazz'd Tapas Bar-don't hesitiate, just go! It was by far my most enjoyed dining experience and although it's got an extensive meaty menu, the atmosphere and plating of the food is awe-inspiring. The Toucan Cafe off of Habersham has a unique menu as well and offers a wide range of vegetarian entrees that are very inexpensive. Lastly, I recommend the New South Cafe which combines old and new favorites in exciting ways. If you're curious and have some time, be sure to check out WWW.SavannahMenu.Com and

          Hope these are useful!