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Oct 15, 2007 02:56 PM

Traveling to Savannah Nov 4-9. Need veggie options!

I'm traveling to Savannah in about three weeks for a conference. As a vegetarian, I'm a little scared. Is there good veggie food in Savannah? Or am I going to have to throw in the towel and embrace the bacon grease-soaked collard greens?

thanks everyone!

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  1. As a produce wholesaler, I would be happy to recommend a few spots. However, As a swine worshippin' Southern Boy I say throw in the towel. Here's where some outstanding Vegetarian dishes, not yer average b.s. grilled portabella, can be found: Sapphire Grill $$$$$, 45 Bistro $$$$, Local1110 $$$, Skylar's $$$, JazzTapas $$$, Zunzi's $$, Season's Japanese Bistro $$. Enjoy.

    1. On a recent trip to Savannah we ate at a neighborhood place called Firefly Grill on Troup Square which was nice and had veggie options. Also moderately priced.

      1. I found savannah to be quite lacking in restaurant quality. My wife and I had traveled to Charelston a couple of years ago and were looking forward to Savannah maybe being along the same lines. Although, I didn't have the chance to eat at sapphire and I have heard some awesome things about it.

        1. I could go on forever about the splendor of Savannah dining! Jazz'd Tapas Bar-don't hesitiate, just go! It was by far my most enjoyed dining experience and although it's got an extensive meaty menu, the atmosphere and plating of the food is awe-inspiring. The Toucan Cafe off of Habersham has a unique menu as well and offers a wide range of vegetarian entrees that are very inexpensive. Lastly, I recommend the New South Cafe which combines old and new favorites in exciting ways. If you're curious and have some time, be sure to check out WWW.SavannahMenu.Com and http://www.toucancafe.com/menuDinner....

          Hope these are useful!