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where can i buy wine in cancun mexico?

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I am hosting a party south of cancun and need to buy about 20-30 cases of wine. Where is a good place to purchase this quanity but still have a good selection? thanks!

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  1. How far south? A new store named "Off The Vine" fine wines and spirits has just opened in Playa del Carmen, on Ave. 1 between 26&28 streets. They deliver orders over $110 pesos, and I think you qualify.
    That is a fantastic quantity of wine for a party. I notice this is your first post. What type of party, and where?

    1. La Europa, across from Walmart has a great selection of wines among other gourmet imports.

      1. I visited Óff the Vine in Playa yesterday, that I mentioned in a post above. Small, very limited selection, and the sales girl was much more interested in chatting with her girlfriend. Gong.

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          So do you then recommend Europa or even Walmart for wine in Playa?

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            I still recommend bringing your own favorites. If you get caught short, Sam's Club is your best bet for wine in Playa. I know how strange that sounds, but I call 'em as I see 'em.

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              Great - if we run out -- Sam's Club it is!!!